Should Hyde's toxic grenade do health damage over armor?


What it says above! It’s pretty obvious that the devs wanted the toxic grenade to be an area of denial weapon, hence the increased DPS and the longer cooldown. But, how exactly does the grenade do damage? I’ve always thought that, when in the cloud, the monster took damage because it was breathing in the gas. Well then, why does it do damage to armor? If the monster is breathing in the gas, damaging his lungs and liver, why would it damage his external armor? I feel an addition like this would make the toxic grenade an even greater area of denial weapon.Maybe monster players would be more careful, because if they armor, they don’t want to be taking health damage. What do you guys think?


It would certainly keep me the hell away from toxic clouds, but you’d have to have a delay before the damage kicks in, otherwise it’d be a super easy/cheesy way to end really close fights where the monster has a decent amount of armor but low HP.

(Crow, as he is now, is in a good spot for this, it takes a while and he can’t just spam it without consequence, if the monster sees it, he’s gonna eat you.)


No, the toxic grenade is very strong now and an awesome tool for Hyde. It really fills it’s purpose now. As devs have said, don’t spam it (not that you can) but think more where you place it and it adds a TON of damage done.


As a Goliath player, I’ve never really taken considerable, or even really noticeable damage from a toxic cloud. You just kind of… jump out of it if you’re worried, but there’s no urgency to it if you have armor.


Maybe the Monster armor extends to the interior of his lungs, and that protects him from the poison?


No lol… That sounds awful.


This. Or maybe the poison in the grenades is less “get into your blood to kill you” and more “burn your skin off” like a chemical burn or acid.


Any other monster players notice the new Hyde strategy where he just throws toxic grenades everywhere and never uses any other weapons? Because it’s starting to get rather annoying!


it would be too powerful if it did. As for the logic, there’s not a lot, but there’s not a lot of logic to the concept of “an armor bar”



Simple answers to simple questions.


Well I’ve been in toxic clouds of cs gas in the Army and it certainly burns skin and eyes as well as the choking it causes when inhaled. Not that it works like Hyde’s grenades but I can see it just being a cloud that primarily burns. I noticed Hyde telling others he didn’t wear a mask when he was a chemtrooper so I think it’s more external.
Not to mention the monster would have bigger and stronger lungs that can probably handle it more too.


And Since Hyde use to be a chemtrooper I find the chemical burn the most believable reason.


Anyone dealing decent damage with the nade after the patch is playing against a retarded monster player. The toxic cloud is easily escaped, has a lower duration making it an area that can be returned to even sooner than before, and a cooldown that makes it a blessing for any monster on the run.

The ‘buff’ was actually a ridiculous nerf.

The damage isnt part of what needs to be discussed in order for it to be more effective at area denial. The cloud needs to be larger, or the cooldown needs to be reduced. I dont see why the cooldown should be larger than the duration.


Hyde is fine as he is now.


The pre-patch notes said the nade needed to be more effective at area denial.

You think hes fine now? How exactly did they fulfill their goal?


It keeps the monster out of the area. The new damage isn’t something to scoff at as a Monster. You can’t camp bodies or hide in a corner/up high.

They do their job now. They didn’t before.


Yeah, they do their job, 2 or 3 times per dome, rather than 10-15