Should hunters have class abilities?


This is about hunter roles and putting their class abilities on trial, giving explanations and/or suggestions. Say anything or reply to anything. I hope we have some good discussion and I thank you in advance.


Yes, otherwise there would not really be “classes”


Yes. It gives them similarities. Lazarus and Val play totally differently for example, but they both have the burst heal ability which links them to the medic class in a way.


Yes, the reason why there are class abilities is so that no matter what loadout a Hunter is given they’re still able to function to what their role was originally designed to do.


Yes, but to me a class is a grouping of hunter that fill a certain niche. So if they do that without a standard ability then, to me , they would still be classes


How would a trapper trap a monster without the dome? Thered be one Trapper then I guess


Thank you for posting. I understand that they give them an ability that grounds them to the original idea of the class. I feel that Turtle Rock can still make a different, more creative ways to achieve the design while showing even more variation. Say if you had the medic class, who’s design is to heal and support the team. I would say it would be fairly easy to modify the “class” ability to make the hunters even more unique.


That requires a lot of balancing and development time to make all these variations of class abilities. Also for the casual player having a ability the same across all characters of the same class allows for simplicity and consistency and reduces the learning curve.

Less is more.


I love your question. That’s the thing I would love to learn we have only seen a trapper use the mobile arena to contain a monster. Now I don’t really no but on top of my head, it could be something that doesn’t contain the monster, but gives the team so much mobility that it has the same effect. For example a trapper could have a helicopter in combination with traps that stun the monster so they could get there so fast they don’t need the mobile arena. I know this idea is terrible but its just an idea. Thank for your post.


True, thanks :smile:


Just going to call a time out and say thank you for being so positive and respectful in this topic. I like it.
Back to the subject, I feel like the role wouldn’t be as cohesive without the class abilities. It would kind of seem like you could make better teams without getting one of each, and just picking four from the entire line up, which wouldn’t work well.


Neat idea, but it would require a lot more work from TRS’s part to come up with an additional varying skill for each character. I also think it would separate characters in the same class too much and create a universal preference for Character Z over Character H. I already had people in beta going after me for choosing Bucket over Hank, claiming the latter is superior whereas my choice was useless simply because of the Shield Projector.

It’d be sort of like perk choices. There’s quite a few people who feel like they can’t choose anything but the jetpack efficiency perk because it helps too much compared to other perks, except your decision would weigh on the team more, and may effect your experience if people get too… snooty about it.

Each character has an appearance, personality, voice, and 3 individual weapons/skills that make them entirely unique from the others in their class, while still maintaining a balance. I think it works very well for the game as-is. Again, cool idea, but possibly too “out there” for this game, in my opinion. :grin:


Thank you, like you said it just an idea. I got this idea by think of other unique ways to trapper the monster. Yes, it would be very hard for Turtle Rock to balance and create the hunters which could detract from the experience. It would create a “tier” system, which is not very fun. With this said I still believe that class abilities are “bland” and variety could spice it up. P.S * think you put a very good point that I didn’t think about, people will form preferences to certain characters, like if you chose Bucket when a teammate prefers to play with Hank. That will probably create "tension between players. Thank you. :smile: *


Thank you I like being positive, because I feel it make people more “civil”, and even though your just a “computer person” your still a human being. Now that is a problem that I never thought about. So I play MOBAs, like League of Legends ( sorry if you are not familiar with this) and over time a “role” system was created based on the most efficient way to play the game. So if it makes you feel that you could make a better team comp, then why not. Hopefully, there will be pros and cons to that comp, just like any comp possible in the game right now ( I know its not out yet). I think this is a very good point because team comps is a subject that I personally have not yet focused heavily on, so I don’t know whats really bad or whats really good. So I thank you for you opinion.


I play dota, so you and I are kind of mortal enemies. But the difference is thats a moba, while this is a completely different style, so it would not work


The idea of classes in games comes from old table top RPGs and in these games roles tell you what your character does. In this game role do the same I feel like the hunters are unqie enough without potentially overpowered character unique class abilities. The class ability does exactly that very well. I don’t believe in the need for different one I don’t think they would do the job as well and it doesn’t take away from the unquie aspects of the characters. It just give new players a similar job defining ability.


:smile: Well its good that you can understand some of my references. But i have to disagree, I know that Evolve and DOTA are vastly different games, but that team play is still their. When you’re in a dota game you have to communicate to get a semi-coherent team comp. Now think if that player pool was limited to specific pools of archetypes, so it would take away from the diversity of the game. Okay, I’m getting off the main topic. That is the central idea of my post trying to see if Evolve can get another layer diversity, and to discuss that possibility with the community. As well, I love this when someone can start a post without the usual “harassment” that I get in the MOBA community, and actually talk about a mutual love for a game. Thanks :smile:


The issue isn’t that you could come up with a different ability for each Hunter to “trap/dome” the monster, the issue is why would you want to?

With the three other abilities and the, what, 16 (?) perks, there are an insane amounts of ways to play each class without compromising what it means to be each class. It feels like you want them to be different just to be different. I can’t point a finger at any Hunter within any class that is alike (by play style or even how one tackles their shared abilities).


Thank you. I understand that hunters are already unique as is, and I as well feel the hunters are very fair when compered to each other. I have never played a table top RPG like Dungeons and Dragons ( but I am familiar with the concept) so maybe I don’t know enough about that topic. I think that different class abilities could just add to that uniqueness without detracting too much. But I have read very compelling arguments otherwise. Thanks :smile:


Well I know there are slight differences in some of the class abilities. I know Lazarus burst heal is weaker than Val but recharges faster. Perhaps some tweak like that to make them truly unique. Any others @MacMan?