Should Hunters have an animation when they pick up a buff?

Alright, so, after playing on Overpowered a gazillion times I’ve concluded that it’s a little bit unfair to the Monsters. One of the reasons is simply because they have to eat the buffs, Hunters have to just run by it and press E.

So I was thinking, why not have a little animation for the Hunters (that basically is the same amount of time of the Monster’s eating speed)?

For example. You kill an elite, stuff your hands in and pull out… whatever it is that’s inside those white, fleshy carcasses of goodness.

Not only will it balance out Overpowered a bit, it would also look really cool IMO.


how do they get buff btw, I have no fucking clue, do hunters also eat those animals? if so I want the hunters to eat them as well. And their stomachs are smaller so they should delay even more than monsters at eating.

I have no idea. They all say how they need the insides but I don’t really know how the buffs work.

Maybe an animation for skinning/gutting the Elite? Interesting idea though. Really opens up the option for the Monster to get the jump on Hunters while they go after a buff.

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Do a 180° headbutt in the guts?
Eat the guts?
Take the corpse as a suit?
I don’t know…the 180° headbutt would be perfect :upside_down:

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There is a trade-off for that, however, as all 4 hunters can get a buff and it will still be available for the monster. But if a monster gets the buff it’s typically been denied to the hunters. Right now I’d say it’s a fair trade.

(This is also saying nothing of the risk vs. reward of either side trying to grab said buffs under varying circumstances)

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Maybe they pull out a syringe to suck up the elites blood then inject it in their own arm

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I like this.

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The counter here is that the monster already has a clear advantage with buffs in being able to get to a buff first and eat it before hunters can pick it up.

When I monster, I’ll typically munch up all the buffs I can, even if they don’t necessarily help me (e.g. Class cool down / pounce is an excellent example of this - not that great for a monster, but amazing for hunters)

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