Should Gorgon based dialogue be added to the game in TU9 (or 10)?


Title says it all. Do you feel that dialogue should be made specifically for fights against Gorgon? Examples include…

:val:: Gorgon sighted! And while you guys fight it, I’ll be back here enjoying NOT fighting a giant spider.
:bucket:: Firing on a… Good heavens, what is that!?
:cabot:: There it is, team. Let’s squash this bug!
:crow:: I see her! Probably tastes like shit.

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Miley/Gorgon : Hunter Conversation Ideas MEGA THREAD

Sure why not? Every other monster has it…they must have run out of money before they could record new voice lines for her (Her trailer looked a lot cheaper too)




Won’t happen for TU09, but depending on if TU09 works out then yeah!
(Also I accidentally clicked nur, ignore that)


:abe: : Man that’s one big ass piece of booty.

:sunny:: GIANT FREAKING SPIDER, On the bright side she doesn’t have 8 arms.

[will add more]

Miley/Gorgon : Hunter Conversation Ideas MEGA THREAD

:jack_mask::Uhh oh crap crap crap I hate spiders!!!


I can’t see Abe saying “booty” but the Sunny one sounds right.


:abe: : " Is it just me or did the Gorgon has Tits ? "

Miley/Gorgon : Hunter Conversation Ideas MEGA THREAD

:markov: “Markov will squash giant spider for glory!” “Stay up in your web, beast. Markov will have mines waiting!”
:hyde: “From Chem-trooper to pest control? Sounds gormless.” "Let’s get this minger!"
Parnell: “I see the Gorgon and it’s… it’s pretty gross.” “Wow. It can web-swing like that spider guy. Old comic. I’ll have to look up the name.”
:torvald: “Disgusting. I’ll have to shoot with my eyes closed.” “I had hoped to find the Monster that killed my Crew, but you’ll do just fine.”
:lennox_suit: “It’s a cross between a Basilisk soldier and my mother in law.” “I should’ve built a barf bag into the suit. With an ejection port , of course”



Oh god TRS please put this in the game.


It’d be nice. But I’m not going to push for it personally either.

Even simple voice over work is costly.

Especially for games like evolve- where you have a cast of 20 hunters voiced by actors (who are reading lines done by the writer, which requires approval from higher up in the food chai) who all need hours in the studios, which are themselves run by multiple people, who then hand their work off to people to process, who then have their work brought in by coders so the games AI recognizes when to use it, which is then…

“Little” bits of conversation for games like evolve can easily run 10s upon 10s of thousands of dollars, and easily into the 6 digit range.

Don’t get me wrong. Id absolutely LOVE to have this in the game! But it’s low on my list. Here’s hoping evolve gets to a point where this is deemed possible


How do you figure that?


Costs to pay a writer to come up with dialog for 20 characters.

Costs to re-hire 20 voice actors to come back and reprise their roles and record new dialog.

Costs to rent a sound studio.

Costs to employ sound engineers to record the dialog, process it, and edit it- Going through hours upon hours of audio.

Costs to get programmers to get the audio actually INTO the game. Its more complicated than “drop sound files in a folder”. The dialogs need to be categorized depending upon who the hunters mention/talk to, with AI Scripting needing to recognize “this conversation only plays under these conditions [Hyde is present, Caira is present, Gorgon is present]”. Even if you JUST record conversations that are ONLY “Hyde mentions gorgon”, “Cabot mentions gorgon”, “Hank mentions gorgon”, its still an involved process.

All of which required a series of checks up the corporate ladder for approval, approvals and costs to push said content to the customers on multiple platforms, and a series of QA control.

Oh by the way- Evolve is recorded in English. And French. And Italian. And German. And Spanish. And Russian.

Which means all the lines that get recorded- Get recorded in 6 different languages.

Which means you also need to add in the costs of a translator to work the lines into these languages so the actors can read them, and the lines can be added to the subtitles of the game.

Are you familiar with the kick-starter game Might No. 9? Its that spiritual successor to mega-man game done by one of the guys behind/high up in involvement with megaman. AFTER the kickstarted finished- The decision was made to try to raise additional funds to give audio to the game. They allowed the community for the game to vote on the language it was going to be in- English or Japanese, english won by about 1000 votes. The cost to record this VERY short game in a SINGLE language? They needed a budget of 100,000 dollars.

My break down only scratches the rough surface of whats involved for recording “a few lines”. It may SOUND simple to do- But it passes a LOT of hands (Another fun fact: Ever watch the in game credits video for evolve? Its a twenty minute scroll of names), in a lot of studios, over various departments- And to do it at ANY level of ACTUAL quality, is expensive. The actual time to say “ZURHMUGERD ITS THE GORGON!” in front of a mic is about 1% of the whole process. Now in fairness i doubt itd actually hit closer to the 6 digit mark, and admittedly was just being a bit dramatic in paintaing how expensive it CAN be to produce even small things (Because, well, it CAN get up there- Again, even for “small” things), but i have absolutely no doubt itd still be well into the 5 digit marks to get even just a small chunk of “hunter says oh no gorgon!” into the game for all the hunters.

Maybe im way off basis though- Id love for the devs to correct me if im off my rocker here.


Yeah I agree with Mr Modesty. It would be cool to have, even though I may never hear it, but holy smokes it’s low on the priority list. Let’s get this game popular again and where it should be before stuff like this.


of course only crow would know this

I would laugh my as* off to that one lol