Should Golaith leave tracks in the air?



It just seems…weird. Not to mention unfair to Goliath himself as being the only monster to leave footprints while air born.


Every other Monster leaves tracks while in mid air…


As Shunty said, every monster leaves tracks in air. So they decided why leave Golaith out, after all he is one of the fastest traversing monsters.


Other air born monsters leave tracks, but not footprints. Footprints tell you the direction they went, air prints just tell you they were there.


Really? Because to me he seems like the Gravity has been way pushed down on him while Behemoth can get to the middle of the map in little than 7 seconds


The fastest? The Kracken and spider monsters both travel much faster than he can. Especially the slower Original Goliath.


yes he should cause every other monster does this as well…


Every other monster is much faster than him though. The Kracken is especially good at flying long distances.


Gorgon, Behemoth, and Wraith tracks all tell you the direction the monster went. The only ones who don’t AFAIK are the Kraklings.

Also, you’re incorrect about their speeds. Pretty sure he’s one of the fastest. Meteor Goliath can move even faster.


Really? I feel Behemoth is much much much slower


Maybe they changed? A lot of my info is from old play videos.

Behemoth fire tracks don’t tell direction from what I’ve seen in bot matches.

I don’t have Gorgon/Wraith yet so I haven’t been able to test them myself, so I’ll take your word for them having directional air tracks.

Wiki lists the Kracken’s air speed as being 10 units a second. No idea how fast Goliath moves when jumping.

EDIT: I stand corrected. It’s hard to see, but Kraken air prints DO give direction now. They glow in the order that they were generated.


When using a traversal, Behemoth leaves a trail of fire, Gorgon leaves a trail of maggots, and Wraith leaves a little warp cloud thing. Watch the trail closely. The fade out in kind of a wave. The end to fade last is the direction they went.


Yea, it’s hard to notice at first, but one you know about it it’s more obvious. Was it like that in the old game?


7 seconds? That’s being generous lol


Yup. That’s how it’s always been. No idea what Goliath leaves now when he leaps though, that’s new to me. I’ve been playing on console religiously since launch, so I know all about the old stuff.


Shrug I don’t know anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


no 10 characters


He leaves normal footprints while leaping. I think they don’t have an effect for him yet is all.


Thats weird. He should leave like, embers arcing through the air or something when he leaps. That’d be pretty sick.