Should Gobi be able to detect a still monster?


I believe, using sound waves to detect movement, you would need to be moving.

I believe this would balance out nicely for both the monster and hunters if this was the case. This gives the monster a way to avoid detection. However, this allows the hunters to close distance since the monster is not moving to avoid Gobi’s detection.


Gobi is fine how he is. If he couldn’t track still monsters than it would just make finding the monster ridiculously annoying since they can just see you from a distance and sit still in a bush which goes against exactly what makes Gobi good.

Have you ever lost a monster in a dome and needed a quicker way to find it instead of eyeballing it? Throw Gobi and find it immediately. With your suggestion the monster can’t be punished for sitting in bushes everytime they are in trouble.


I think it would be nice. But if this happens, make Gobi’s beeping quieter.


How does Abe or Griffin punish monsters hiding in bushes?

And I would Disagree with this too. I find it too easy to keep on a monster with this skill. Only certain maps have some issues due to LoS, but generally, when I play Crow, once that monster is found, he never gets away after.


Similar to the soundspike pings maybe?


They don’t because that isn’t their strong suit. In fact that is how you counter Abe and Griffin. You sneak and hide everywhere to make their jobs difficult. Crow and Maggie can do something about hiding in bushes because they have tools to punish it. Taking it away from Crow would mean that their would only be 1 trapper out of the 4 current who can punish super stealthy monsters.


I would disagree, Since gobi could still detect a stealthing monster, just not a still one. And if you know the area the monster is in, you are forcing him to either stop and allow everyone to close in more or be detected by gobi and everyone knows where he is.

I believe it would work quite well. Just because hunters have to use their eyes and ears some does not make crow a useless trapper. He still has an insane slow as well as a gun that bypasses armor. So he would be just fine with that small change.


I’m pretty sure he sends out sonar waves, which , as far as I know, don’t detect movement, they detect shape. The sound waves Gobi sends out with his chirping bounces of objects and back to him, giving him kind of an outline of the monster. That’s probably why Crow asks if gobi knows what it looks like, before sending him out. Gobi is a bird that uses echo location, he is not a T-Rex lol.


Monsters don’t get away because they don’t try.


Technically he uses vision, not hearing, to locate the Monster, so whether the Monster is still or moving is irrelevant.


How very wrong you are. It is not vision based at all. And if it is, then it is way way broken and needs to be fixed.

Gobi does not care if you are under cover, on the other side of a wall or anything. If you are in the “range” of his detect, you are detected. No LoS needed.


Crow and Gobi both wear goggles to be connected, therefore it has to be sight based. As far as not having LoS just think of all-spectrum scanning goggles, which we have in our time.


I am not aware of any goggles that let you see though walls. Could you please provide a link? Sure, we can call “SICENCE” in the future…

On top of that, why should there not be a counter to Gobi? Every other trapper has a way to be countered. Why not Gobi?


The only way Daisy can be countered is if the Monster is constantly changing it’s position and in a direction away from the Hunters. This same strategy can be applied to Gobi, plus the fact that Gobi’s field of vision is limited by range and flight pattern actually makes Daisy the bigger threat in my opinion. And FLIR cameras, just saying


That is a damned awesome camera. But I still do not see anyplace where it sees through an object.

As far as changing direction, yes, it “can” work. But LIke I said before, Crow is so damned easy to use with Gobi, if I throw gobi where the monster was suppose to be and is not there, well, since the cooldown is so fast, I just throw it where he would be going with the juke and find him all over again. rinse repeat. Its gotten to the point where I do not find Crow enough of a challenge to use as a trapper. Perma slow, perma vision ignore armor weaponry.

So, sure, you can get 1 or 2 gobi throws to miss, but its so fast you have to suck to not find the monster again within 20 seconds.


To be off-topic, the camera detects heat and makes an image out of it, which is how it can make out people/animals through structures and other objects.

To get back on-topic, I could just be a bad Crow player which would explain why I feel it isn’t that easy to find the Monster in Hunt without having a general idea of where it is. However, strictly from a mechanic view, I personally feel that making Gobi incappable of detecting still Monsters/wildlife woould make Gobi too “weak” as far as doing his job is concerned, especially since he’s not affective in caves or around tall-standing structures anyway.


The map I have the most issues on is the foundry or however its spelled with limited straight spots to throw gobi. Still effective, just the only map that I can get juked with gobi.

The Cave map, I felt this way too the first time I played it. But there are a lot of straight lines to throw gobi 100 meters and I think it works great especially since his detect range goes through walls and can see the monster on the other side.

Off topic
Ya, I saw that, and while it can see though some thin surfaces, it could not penetrate a thin metal sheet for example and see heat on the other side. Give it a few years, and I am sure nothing will be safe anymore.


Monsters can see through walls with their noses so I’m not sure we should approach Gobi with too much logic.


Wow! You blew my mind away with this. Touche.

The only thing is that gobi is not using smell, and smell is not LoS as a drug or bomb dog can find these items hidden away in areas that cannot be seen or easily scanned.


Bats use echolocation to navigate and hunt prey. I have to assume that was what Gobi was based on.