Should evolve go free to play?


Hi, marketing is my occupation though not in the video gaming field and sorry if this has already been addressed but I would like to know why Turtlerock (or who ever has the power to do so) has not considered making the game (i.e Evolve) free to play.

Its no secret that numbers are falling and its a really decent game so it would be a real shame to declare evolve deceased. A free week in the past has shown that it definitely had the ability to boost numbers substantially. We can look at games like heroes of the storm, dota 2, and team fortress 2 and see the advantage free 2 play gaming offers in terms of numbers- Dota 2 and team fortress 2 have remained in the top 5 of the steam charts for a while now.

Investors might ask what is in it for them by doing this and those who have already purchased the game might ask the same thing. Well DLC can still be sold and once gamers have gotten into the game they may be more willing to purchase it. Those who have already bought the game should receive exclusive benefits too just as there is in team fortress 2. For example the 3rd tier of heroes (i.e parnell, caira etc) can remain open to those who have purchased the game but only the first 2 tiers are available to free gamers. This will boost numbers and entice new gamers to purchase the other hunters- this seems to work quite well on heroes of the storm.

Every second week DLC hunters can be rotated so that one is free to play for that period of time. Giving new gamers a chance to trial them and they may be enticed to purchase them. If this boosts numbers and happens to be a success then TRS can develop more hunters and monsters for sale as does Blizzard with heroes of the storm.

I’d like to get peoples views on this. If TRS are interested I have an entire STP strategy we can discuss more meticulously. Thanks for reading

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Official Evolve Free to Play Thread

Oh lord, this again

Sorry bud, but this has been discussed to death already. I think it is a terrible idea, but I won’t go into further detail. You can look up the old threads to see my standpoint against


Hey man can you provide a link so I can look into it. I’m open to criticism

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You can use the search option in the top right corner of your screen, next to your profile info. Just search for Free to play (or F2P), and you should be golden.

Sorry if I came over a bit rude by the by, not my intention :slight_smile:


I think the titanic stands more chance than this thread


Hi there Jaygarrick, welcome to the forum. I’d recommend giving this topic a read to help understand what’s what around here.

With that said, the whole free to play thing has been discussed to death and they tend to become quite heated. There is a massive update coming soon that should boost the player base up, so I’m hopeful about that.

I’ll link a couple of previous topics on this in a second so you can peruse as you please.

I’ll close this if that’s fine with you.

Again, welcome to the forum. :wink:

Edit: Here are two of the biggest topics on the discussion.


If the two options are:

-Let it die a slow painful death and make all the existing fans sour more and more over time as they cant get into matches.

-Go free to play with 4 characters and 1 monster, with benefits for full purchasers.

I think its extremely obvious which way they should go, why would anyone choose death over life?

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These discussion tends not to go well. Pretty much everything that could be said, has been said in the topics I linked above. If you’re interested in the discussion then head over to those two topics and indulge yourself in the few hundred posts over there. :slight_smile: