Should Evolve get a Sequel?


This is something weird I thought of today. Should Evolve get a sequal?
Actually, here is a better question. Does Evolve need a sequal?
Only a few things come to mind that gives purpose.

  1. New technology. New game engine that could make evolve better. Some how.
  2. More story.
  3. Refresh onto consoles. Eventually the PS4 and XBONE will be last gen.
    Other than those, I wonder if Evolve will ever need a sequal.
    Also yes, I understand the game isn’t even out yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the main reason the game was originally created around DLC abilities was for the purpose of keeping Evolve fresh and new over time so that it wouldn’t need a sequel…at least, until your reason #1.


No, since they build Evolve to support DLC, they will just expand on it with DLC. Imo evolve wont need a sequel untill at least 4 years


I does definitely not need a sequel. It could go on for 2-4 years by itself.


New technology could be added in the game itself, with DLC.


I don’t think it will need one. Evolve is one of those one-hit-wonders. Let’s keep it that way.

Adding a sequel may water down the entire concept.


No sequel, I’m hoping for the longest, best DLC lifetime ever from evolve, and I pray it happens. I’m sure @MacMan and folks will try to keep it going strong for as long as possible, and that they share my hopes for this game.


Revive this topic in about two years, then we’ll talk.


they should come up with a larger scale open world evolve if there’s a sequel. have all of shear in one map.


Maaaybe? It’s a little early to ask about a sequel when the game isn’t even out yet.


If there’s going to be a sequel, it should happen way down the line. I mean WAY, WAY down the line. The only possible way a sequel for this kind of thing could be justified is because we reach some huge leap in tech, to the point where you HAVE to make a whole new game. And I don’t see that happening ( Sorry, holo-gaming, I still think you’re a pipe dream )


It could go on for a long time as based on the lore new monsters are just the monsters evolving to combat the threat of the hunters and new hunters are being recruited from Shear survivors. Maps are merely the hunters moving onto other parts of the planet after successfully taming an area


I’m just hoping for a crap ton of DLC, less excited for a sequel to be honest.


You never know, they could do whatever they want if evolve booms (which it WILL). Something similar might make it in at some points.




Actually that raises another point, putting out a buttload of DLC and then following up with a sequel is just a kick in the teeth.

Pow, take that, gaming industry!


We’re at the beginning of the next gen’s life cycle. If TRS keeps the DLC flowing, I don’t see a need for a sequel for years to come. I sure as hell don’t want to see a COD like release schedule. Overkill.


Evolve 2…2v8


What an upgrade!


I’m just going to say let’s get the game out see where the DLC takes us. I for one would look forward to Evolve 2: Electric Boogaloo in a couple years.