Should Defend stay in Skirmish?


A lot of people are talking about defend not belonging in skirmish, so lets make a poll. I personally think it should stay in, because its my favorite game mode.

  • Defend should stay in skirmish
  • Defend should be removed from skirmish

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Defend Maps?
Remove Defend from Quick Play

If it stays in I’d at least like a couple extra seconds of voting time. I spend a lot of the loading/lobby/waiting screens alt-tabbed and a lot of the time I can’t get alt-tabbed back in fast enough to vote to skip after one of my teammates alerts us.


Dont act like you have to skip it, its really fun. Its like a better version of arena mode, I feel like most people havent given it a chance just because no one played it before since it was in evac.


I’ve had to play it due to votes not passing at least half a dozen times in skirmish since the patch and not once has it ever been particularly fun. If anything it’s even less fun against player monsters than it is against AI monsters. I’d rather play Nest.


Whats not fun about it exactly?


yah i love defend as well however in general i would like maybe a 20/30 sec vote to skip timer. i know its shorter so that way the game can start quicker but i know i always miss out on skipping a map that i wouldnt have wanted to play just because the timer goes by to quick


I just flat don’t have fun when I play it, it’s boring whether I’m winning or losing. I don’t really feel like analyzing that and enumerating all the reasons why unless I see some movement from the devs in looking for ways to improve it, because that would mean having to play it more.


I wasnt expecting this to come so close, its a 50/50 vote. It would suck if they remove defend from skirmish though, hunt and arena get so boring sometimes.


Do you have fun in arena mode? Because gameplay wise they are very similar, in terms of it being more of a deathmatch.


I feel like Defend is a better arena as well. There is a litte bit more strategy to it that you can employ.