Should carrion birds spawn for eating Glaciopods poop?


I personally do not think that there is anything for the “carrion birds” to scavenge in this situation.


I’ve been saying forever, I want it changed. No one cares. O.o


I care…I truly do


Treat them as they aren’t there, unless they are in a cave. That’s how I look at it…

Try not to eat it outside a cave, unless you’re desperate for armor. 1 meats often guarantee birds fast (even though it’s not a meat).


I agree, to me it just doesn’t make any sense.


Ditto, unless I come across a Shitload of… well… shit! Then screw it, I will eat 8 bars and get 3 carrion bird and run!.


@Shin @Zwiebach1 It was changed to this to stop Monsters from camping in corners and eating poop constantly.


I would have made them spawn only in caves, to as not to confuse those poor players new to hunters. :smile:

But I understand. :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not think blood should splatter out of the poop either


Yeah…That…That was weird.


Wait, what!? You can eat poop in this game!?


There’s a certain animal that doesn’t leave a carcass when killed but periodically gives out little poop pieces. Called a Glaciopod. You can eat the poop.


I care 


I also care. @Shin We care. Stop sulking.


I wonder if they will ever change this? Can we get dev input?


Right now they’re focused on the wildlife buff debacle.


Google the meaning of carrion


It does not makes sense, realistically speaking, but it’s a gameplay decision.


It’s weird how okay everyone is with Monsters eating poop.


You can eat poo? That’s news to me. Where can I find and eat this poo?