Should all online games launch in early access a month before release?


might be a good way to release to complete public, get that last bit of testing done. then do a full release once data wipe bugs are dealt with.

maybe they could term it something else since early access is getting weird reception nowa days.


The problem with this is that then they’ll be a month more rushed and have to pay for servers. Publishers want the money while Devs want the game. They often don’t see eye to eye.


believe me i know…i am constantly having to tell my boss that their accelerated deadline will not be beneficial to the software.

im just trying to find a solution where developers dont get flack for bugs that just cant be fixed before public launch no matter how many betas happen.

i understand spending money on something that doesnt work and getting frustrated. but i also understand not being able to delay a game inifnitely until all bugs are fixed.

just a weird catch 22 in the industry i guess, that id like to figure out.


People just need to learn patience imo. To be fair, there is a difference between a few bugs and total garbage release. However, they get blurred together too often in the industry.


If you let everyone in 1 month b4 official release it will be the same as now. I mean yeah the game gets released earlier but everybody will still expect to play it then complain about bugs (maybe you can calm them a bit with “it’s early access” but I’m not so confident; could cause some really bad reputation.
If you only let people in who preorder it might be bit better but your testgroup will be smaller and people will complain about preordering