Shorten the Idle Kick Timer

I know TRS won’t bother doing this but the fact it is continuously costing me games is really getting on my nerves. Why have the idle ability last longer than ten minutes? Why? No one is benefitting from this. It is the exact reason why it is frowned upon on League of Legends. Here is a screen shot of my last match. The player was a Sunny but instead of saving me from stealth pounce the AI decided to…Jetpack boost me. That isn’t even the point though while horrible. 7+ minutes of idle time and he wasn’t kicked? What is the reason?

People here have defended it to death that for some reason family matters arise but if you can’t dedicate yourself to a match and want to take over 7 minutes to do something then quit and let someone else do a better job than you.

Am I angry? Yes! This is constant time I will never get back.

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Is there really even an idle kick timer. I’ve seen people idle 2.5 matches straight without getting kicked. Ultimatly me and my friends just left.

To be honest I have never seen someone be kicked before for being idle but people here say that it does.