Short trailers


What about making some kind of short trailers of 1-2 minutes showcasing each hunter and monster and theirs skills and weapons?

According to my calculations there sould be at least 3 hunters of each class and 4-5 monsters + the preorder one. There could be more or less two of this trailers each moth supposing that the game ships by the end of the year, keeping the hype high.

I think it could work great.


Short trailers sound good, but what “calculations” have you done?


Just my speculation. It would be not cool having only 3 monsters without preordering and it’s confirmed multiples hunters for each class, and that’s more than two.

btw who many of each do you think there will be?


It’s difficult to predict considering this is the first time Turtle Rock have ever had more than one type of different human character (gameplay-wise), but I’m hoping around 6 for each hunter class, around 7/8 monsters and at least 5 maps. Who knows?


The other day I told my friend… “I bet there will be at least 5 hunters in each class, 4-5 monsters (with DLC), 8-10 levels (more with DLC) and maybe 5-7 game modes.” But that’s just a wild guess, of course.


There could be like 20 of each and they could be keeping it hushed away! Nobody would know!

That seems a bit unrealistic though, but I hope there’s gonna be more than five monsters, since there’s naturally going to be way more hunters


My guess is more conservative than others on here: I’m thinking 3 hunters for each class, 5+ monsters, and about 8 levels. What I’m most looking forward to knowing is the number of different monsters. If it was something like 10, I would be incredibly excited… OMFG
In addition to the different preset characters for each class, I’m hoping there will be customization options for costumes (and other cosmetic stuff) as well as weapons, etc.
And that would be totally amazing if the monsters were customizable too! I’m imagining stuff not unlike Glacius for the new Killer Instinct, where you can set him up with different unlockable horn types, skin colors, etc. that would get more epic as you advance in level. Typing this is getting me all amped up :smile:


I don’t really think that is viable more than 6-7 mosters at launch. Think all the testing to keep the game perfectly balanced, with all the combinations of hunters and monsters possibles. It must be a pain in the neck.

I expect at launch 5+the preorder monster, 4 kind of hunters for each class and 5-6 maps. I suposse they will add some monster and levels with dlc over time.

With the gamemodes… I dont really know, but I really hope some kind of monster vs monster vs hunters mode.

We should make a betting pool :smile: