Short Steam DC = game crash, will something be changed?


So iโ€™ve now had numerous amazingly intense matches end, rather abruptly because i get a second or two DC from steam. I know steam is needed for the game, but can something please be changed to combat this problem ?.

My internet is solid, nothing else drops. its only a problem with steam :stuck_out_tongue: - and eventho it wont make me stop playing (because i enjoy evolve more than i probably should :wink: )
It does make me want to pull my hair out.

I was just on Aviary, goliath. i picked a terrible spot to fight S1 and got punished HARD for it, ended up on half a bar of health and got away, made it to S2 and got 3 incaps off on them (2 on trapper and 1 on medic) because they wandered too far alone. i managed to sneak past them as the dropship was iminent instantly, andโ€ฆ jsut as i am on the oposite side of the map to them, i hit my evolve button - and the game freezes up completely. crashes to lobby.

I checked my steam friends, and see that i had been signed off for a couple of seconds.

TL;DR steam being 100% tied to the game should not remain a thing :frowning: