Shop Bug no new items?


I keep seeing people with new skins but when I go into the shop i don’t see anything new other then the new characters. No cosmic skins and the jade skin doesn’t appear either which I assume is because I’m supposed to have it but that still doesn’t work either
Dunno if this is happening to alot of people and will be fixed or what


Are you on PC? Because I think some of the skins are timed exclusive to the PC monster racers


See I do have pc monster race is the issue I’m having with this


I think you are meant to have them then, so it’s more of a bug of them not showing up in your library then not showing up in the store


Although its not ideal, if you’re using steam, trying reinstalling the game or verify data first I suppose. A reinstall fixed it for me. Cosmic skins are the best :smiley: Not seen ‘jade’ skins though. Who gets them and how? D:


Jade is on behemoth only, it’s a green one


Poop well I didn’t pre-order so I didn’t get behemoth :o Although if I did get him, that skin is a must have. Reminds me of mossy rock. Lot of skin potentials with the behemoth it seems. :slight_smile:


There’s also the sandstone which looks better in my opinion

Also OP, I checked my game and I have both the cosmic and jade skins, and I haven’t bought any monster skin packs. So It is a bug with your DLC if you bought the pcmr


See I tried that i got a support ticket with 2k though so hopefully they can help