Shoot with left trigger for lefties please


Title says it all. Hoping for the option to shoot with the left trigger and zoom with the right. Thanks.


Is it really that much of a problem for lefties? Are you physically incapable of pressing the right button to fire or something? Explain what I’m missing here please.


Perhaps it is more difficult? I don’t know. I was left handed, now I’m ambidextrous.


I am left handed, and I have had no problems.


For hunters like abe with his shotgun, I cannot spam the trigger as fast with my right hand, therefore this improvement could help fix that.


I understand that you’re invested in this and want this improvement- and I would love to see it myself- but that doesn’t permit using profanity to that extent and insulting others.


You can keybind everything, can you not? I’ve been moving my abilities and stuff.


Not on consoles.


Hmm, good point. Sad that they can’t then.


They should work on some kind of key binding for consoles to solve all such problems once and for all.


I don’t see why they don’t have it already…