Shocking Interview with Turtle Rock developer (Fake)



… What am I watching exactly?


Meth is one hell of a drug


All of those videos with this guy are superb. I don’t understand how this guy can’t be a millionaire with his laugh alone.


…I…I can’t…

Gems, can I stare at your Panda picture for fifty minutes to cleanse my soul?


Go ahead, I’ll even send the bigger version if you want :smile:


Yes please thank you. I think I’m dying on the inside.




I think the cuteness is counteracting the darkness in my soul now. Much gratitude, Gems.


Happy to help, pandas are my favorite animals :smile:

They are so big and fluffy!


You make them sound like large rabbits…Which I do not like…

Regardless, thank you.


I don’t care much for rabbits personally, I like Foxes more.

Though I think we are derailing this topic…


Yes we are.

Back on topic.


I found this absolutely hilarious. And I paid for the DLC and love Evolve!


Damn, pandas are pretty cute actually. ^.^

But on topic, this video made me laugh pretty damn hard, even though I don’t agree with some of it. ^.-
Not sure why, @MacMan, I’m sorry. Forgive me!


That was pretty funny. That wheezy laugh doe. Don’t agree with any of the things said, but still funny.


I’m confused. I just woke up and I came to this thread. Can somebody explain that video for me.


Well he is the lead designer or WAS the lead designer in EVOLVE and now he came out about all the inside practices.

LOl video was funny as hell even if it literally has no ground to walk on… It’s true!


The subtitles are altered to make it sound like he worked for TRS. Apparently this same video has been used to make fun of other companies as well. Saw the exact same video but the guy was supposedly an Apple executive or something


Thanks Brandini.