Shish Kebab award not appearing in match summary


Couldn’t find any other threads on this.

I’ve played 2 games with Wasteland Maggie and I noticed that I got load of Fire Flowers, a few Dragons Breaths and none of whatever the Snare Trap 1 was called. So I looked in the profile to see what had to be done to get this impossible medal. I didn’t even end up looking because I apparently have 8.

So… Either… The title or I magically got 8 free medals.

On PS4 if that helps.


I’m the resident Awards and Masteries hound. I can take a look into this. It does sound like the award is working and being given to you as you meet the requirement, but for some reason the notification isn’t appearing in game. The qualification for the award is, “Deal 500 residual burn damage with the Flame Snare”.



Yeah, that’s definitely not impossible :joy:. Thanks.

(Nice profile avatar btw)


Yeah, I got it in defend, but it didnt appear in arena (despite dealing far more than 500 dmg according to mastery)


@SedoUmbra - Thanks! :slight_smile: Daisy’s a good doggie! :smiley: And the bestest hunter (IMO).

@TaliZ - The Mastery tracks the damage done to the monster while it is snared, this includes the fire from the Snare, Daisy’s flamethrower and Maggie’s Burst Pistol. The Award is for the damage done by the Snare’s flame alone.

For example, It might be that in the Arena the Monster was snared, didn’t break the trap, got chewed up by Daisy’s flamethrower and Maggie’s Burst Pistol, allowing the flame on the snare to go out an stop counting towards the Award.
This would result in a large amount of points goring towards the Flame Snare Mastery, because the Monster was still hooked, but minimal amount of damage points being counted towards the Award because the Snare flame went out.



@Jev I’m 90% certain that it is a medal and not an achievement because I’m pretty sure there is an accolade that you get for getting xnumber of (Trapper, Assault, Medic or Support depending on accolade) medals

EDIT: just checked and it says ‘awards’. I’ll make it that.


Ok, you can add it in. I only changed it because some people might think that an actual shish kebab was in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant I got plenty dmg for harpoon in mastery. I’ve just done 3 rounds of arena in solo. Despite harpooning like hell, I saw at least once that “shish kabob” medal pop up during fight but none “shish kabob” appeared at the sum up.


II actually never checked for this. All I know is that I don’t appear to receive any in match summary but I have some in my Profile. I’m going to have to look out for this.


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