Shins Demonic Snowman!


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Sorry @Shin I’m easily fascinated…


5th monster confirmed?
Ign 11/10?


And that’s just stage 1. :open_mouth:


I wonder how stage 2-3 would look like.


post the website url please for the fifth monster


Seriously? It’s just a ball of snow people.


Pls? :hyde:



Best guess of what size it would be stage 2
oh… its only smiling because its breakfast has just arrived


@MidnightMonash, do that thing that makes Shin less serious please! :slight_smile:


This is horrifying.


slender snowman: the eight snowballs


Um, okay? @Shin Be less serious or Goliath will pound you.


@Shin I hope you’re being less serious now. Otherwise, there will be consequences.

Not really, but whatever. Cheer up, wrestle a croc, ride a roo.



Ride a roo? ^.-

That one made me smile.


I do it all the time! Just hop on and he’ll bound away. It’s great fun riding roos in the outback. Just make sure you visit the Royal Kangaroo Driving Society to get a license.

My work here is done.


I’ve never even seen a kangaroo, I wonder how nice they are.


Depends on the roo. Generally, if you’re nice and respectful and keep your distance, not making any sudden movements or noises, they won’t kick you in the chest and send you flying backwards. Fantastic little guys.


It’s an Australian animal. What do you think? xD


I’m sure they’re in zoos in America. I just don’t visit them.

Maybe I should be nice to them, and pay them a visit?