Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


I don’t know, I think what Eren did was test to see if he could keep Reiner alive or not, and I think he let them live. His only target was Willy.


No way Eren killed Willy. Willy was torn in half. Most likely he’ll transform at the beginning of chapter 101 and start fighting Eren. I wonder what happened to Reiner though. Did he transform as well and the Armored Titan will start forming behind Eren?


We have to wait another full month before we get any answers as to what is going to happen.


Chapter 101 is here with some really awesome music added to it. I’m speechless. This chapter is amazing.


Really liked how they did this video, and that bit of animation at the end is quite nice.


Yeah, I’ve posted a few of SoulMadness’s videos here. He’s how I read the latest chapters now. The music he chooses is amazing. It makes all the chapters (especially 101) better. I hope he continue with the animation.


Can’t wait for these chapters to be animated/
Seasons 3 is this summer right?


Yes. It’ll go up to Return to Shiganshina. The Marley Arc would be included in a fourth season.


Next season will be interesting.
When you look back on it AoT changes quite a bit as it goes through.
First season (talking in terms of anime) is more of an action anime with a bit of anime, but mostly focusing on the action and heroism (imo).
Second season opens up a lot more questions and mysteries while expanding on the drama aspect.
Third will be quite a departure, focusing a lot of inner city conflict and an almost GoT style of drama, with a lot of family relations and such. Then finishes with a crap ton of titan fighting and the big end of that part of the timeline’s arc.
Fourth season will be quite slow and be a lot of building up to where we are now, and I have a feeling will be a big action filled ride to the end/ (btw any word on when the manga will end? What chapter is aiming to be the last?)


Hot damn! That channel is awesome! How come i never knew about it until now?



Chapter 102 is here guys!

Levi and most of the SC is back! Still no news on whether Reiner and Falco are alive or not. I really wonder how everyone will react if Zeke does end up attacking Pieck and Porco in this battle.


Time to watch as soon as possible.