Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


I don’t think it’s safe for now, people who have watched the anime and only that, can accidentally see a manga spoiler in here. :open_mouth:


Chapter 96:

The operation to get to Wall Maria(boy,BRA has gonne through some shit)

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Here’s Chapter 96 with some OSTs added. Makes it even better IMO.

Man I was soooooooo hyped to see Annie transform again! I actually really like seeing the destruction of Wall Maria from the warriors’ perspective. Can’t wait to see the destruction of the Trost gate again.


We thought it was a easy thing,but they really had gone through a near death situation(like always).And it was good to see the reason of why they didn’t go back to report to Maggath.
Hope we get to see the rest of their plan of destroying Sina gate and they fiding out that Eren posses the Attack(and gambling about if Eren has or not the Founding).And maybe we could see Zeke and Pieck in the mainland and then being sent to Paradis.



What? Reiner why are you putting that gun barrel in your mouth? You can’t die yet. You’re too awesome for that. Please reconsider committing suicide.


He has become indestructible.
Warhammer revealed and more.

Edit:Chapter translated

Ok,I over looking this but:
Billy:"Marley needs another Heros"
Billy extends his hand to Theo(Maggath)
We see Zeke in the next chapter

So is this sentence implying that someone may become a new “heros” to Marley? And the panel focus on Theo and Zeke,either Theo will become a new “Heros” or Zeke will.
Zeke’s apparence maybe just to connect to Eren’s letter,but what if this is actully making a “foreshadowing” to the fact that Zeke may become a hero to Marley(maybe he will become a martyr) and Marleyans may look Eldians with a better point of view?


SoulMadness on YouTube is starting to color the chapters now.


I just noticed something that might be wrong with the Armored Titan in both manga and anime.

Look at his legs. There is still armor covering them.

Yet when he’s charging at Eren here, you’ll notice that the armor on his legs is gone.

Is Reiner able to run at full speed without breaking the armor or was this just an error? I looked at the manga but I couldn’t tell whether he had armor behind the knee or not during the Wall Maria attack.


New chapter(but korean pages).

Eren is a wise man now.


Falco has no idea what’s about to happen. He has no clue that Reiner and Eren have a history with each other. Could we be getting Attack Titan vs Armored Titan Round 3 soon?


Eren is probably there to talk with Reiner,and Zeke knows about Eren(the “Letter”,the baseball foreshadowing and the “Go ahead,there is planty of time”).


Probably, but the talks could lead to a fight. Who knows if the Paradis military is ready to attack Marley. I won’t be surprised if the Marley arc is about to end and it gets followed by two more arcs that involve Paradis vs Marley and the aftermath of that fight. I’m hoping a cure is found for Ymir’s Curse soon.


I don’t think Eren is there with intentions to kill anyone,but I wonder what he is doing there? Did he go to Maley and then meet with Zeke at some point while he was fighting in the Mid-East? I really curious about the next chapters.


Chapter 99 translated!

I don’t think Eren went Marley by himself. I think he came with Mikasa, Connie, and Levi. Armin, Jean, and Sasha most likely stayed back to defend Paradis in case they were attacked. People are already trying to see if some of the Marleyan soldiers are Scout Regiment soldiers in disguise.


I don’t doubt them. Having someone as a guard would be beneficial.
I still wonder if Zeke is with Eren or is he is obliviously like everyone else though. I have doubts for both arguments.


-Zeke seems too chill;
-Pieck warned that soldier;
-Falco will be the only survivor of the Young Warriors;
-Eren seems to be working alongside with Zeke
-Maggath seems to be alert about something
Oh boy,chapter 100 will be gold.


What if Zeke has switched sides already? Maybe that’s why the guard (who I suspect to be Connie) told him to go another direction.

I think Falco and Gabi will be the two survivors because Reiner will most likely want his cousin and possible Armored Titan successor to be safe.

Magath might know about Eren (and possibly two to three more scouts) being in Marley and working with Zeke. He hasn’t done anything because he might also have doubts about what Billy is saying about Eren and is not sure which side to be on or he thinks that Zeke can handle them.

You are right, chapter 100 is going to be gold.


I don’t think he switched sides,he is probably on his people side but he probably also seems to care for the Marleyans in a way,so his character seems to be quite enigmatic.

Since Falco is with Reiner and Eren,I think he is safer then the ones in the festival,and everyone in that festival seems to be in a dangerous situation.


Guess not.