Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)





Can’t see it anymore T__T




I’m not satisfied. Where is eren? hurmm btw the former jaw titan doesn’t want to attack people on the wall, and grisha is planning to return to paradise island with other titan. Honestly I don’t understand jap it is just my guess. Someone please tell me what they talk about or I can just wait for translation. Ok good day folks.


We are probably not going to see Eren and Co for the next 3 chapters,because the next 3 chapters are Warriors chapters.

Marcel lied about Porko’s abilitys so Reiner could gain the Armored,he wanted to protect his brother
Zeke reuniting his Warriors,he knows Marley will kill the Eldians in the mainland


Hold up. What is the Female Titan doing here? You mean Annie escaped? Is that her or is it someone else. Either way I feel bad for Eren. He went through so much to bring her down, and now she’s escaped.


It’s most likely a flashback. :open_mouth:


Hopefully. That would suck to feel like you want to die just to defeat someone and then have them return.


Titans description:
Female Titan-Made for combat and can call for titans.Her hardening ability with Annies skills makes he a deadly fighter
Armored Titan-Can take massive damage.Reiner’s perseverance made him a good candidate for the Armored
Jaw Titan-Is fast and his claws and jaw can cut through anything.Marcel quick thinking makes him the best candidate for the Jaw
Beast Titan-Is the strongest and the biggest.His pitch skills are a dreadful weapon.Zeke is unknow,chapter cut during his apresentation

9th Titan-Warhammer Titan
Under the possesion of the Dive family,they say that they will destroy Paradis in 1 year and they call for others nations to join them.


Warhammer titan? Dive family? What?


Yep,this guy:
posses the Warhammer Titan AKA the titan with the hammer in the history books

And he is one of the strongest titans(some says that he is THE strongest).


I already can see “Beast Titan vs Warhammer Titan,Zeke vs Diver”


What’s Armin doing there? Or is that still a part of the flashback and that’s Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan?


Does anyone know why zeke was running with like a dinosaur and an elephant in the opening. I dont remember anything in the manga like that


Nobody knows why the opening had dinosaurs.


OK so like it made no sense, great good to know, cause it literally makes 0 sense why a whale’s running with Zeke cool




So does how everyone want the manga to end? There’s 100 chapters, and we are at 95. I want to see Paradis invade Marley. I also want to see Reiner betraying Marley. Maybe Annie could follow in his footsteps if she breaks out of her crystal. IDK how easy it’ll be for everyone to just forgive them both. Reiner has become of my favorite SNK characters and I really don’t want to see him die. We would probably get to see Eren and Armin vs Zeke and Galliard (I think that’s his name. The current Jaw Titan) in chapter 97-98 with the conclusion being in 99. Chapter 96 could involve Paradis reaching Marley. 99 could also have the aftermath of the invasion and 100 could show what happened to all our characters a few years in the future.

Also, I think there might be a way to undo the Titan curse. Armin’s voice actor is the narrator, so I’m thinking he is the narrator, but in the manga, he’s also the Colossal Titan. Unless this is being told before his 13 years are up, that means that the curse was reversed. But the first manga chapter and anime episode were titled “To you, 2000 years in the future”, saying that someone in the 2850s is telling this entire story to someone else. Unless the narrator is related to one of the SNK characters, then that means the curse was reversed and Eren and Armin are still alive. Maybe Mikasa too, if she was given a serum and ate Annie, Zeke, or Galliard (I’d think they’d try to keep her alive too, the three of them have been together since they were nine) . So yeah, Eren and Armin might be able to live even when their 13 years are up.


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