Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


I heard many rumors/theories about why it took so long, but I never heard this, source?

Wait, this is confirmed? I check the AOT Reddit and the AOT Wiki on Twitter from time to time and I haven’t seen any news of these. 0_o

Edit: What I have seen people confirmed in Reddit is that WIT will be working with other animes before doing anything AOT related.


I was just going off what SnakeSound said. Tbh I don’t keep a close eye on anime industry like I do the video game industry, so I don’t fully believe things, but I’m less likely to care for a source.


So far I’ve only found this one site, but they are also saying Episode 37 will be delayed, so IDK his trustworthy they are. I’m still looking for sites. I should’ve saved them when I found them.


I don’t think it’s trustworthy, especially because of this:

That page always checks sources, I also recommend checking the Reddit page, they are always posting news there. :thumbsup:


“Not Yet,huh”-Zeke
Zeke has started this season,so now he ends it.


Can’t wait to see levi turn him into ribbons


Yep, it looks like season 3 will cover 2 arks!! :smiley:


So season will come out next year?
Also apparently I hear that Season 3 will b 24 episodes (covering 2 arcs) and then season 4 will be 11-12 episodes.
I guess they didn’t want Season 3 to just be a lot of in the wall political stuff.


Yeah…but Zeke will crush him in the manga.

WIT,you magnificent bastards,you saw that coming didn’t you? So you ended this Season with a “awesome bang” so you could put the political stuff and then end with another “awesome bang”?

Next year bois,just 6 months left.


I just saw the episode because my house was struck by a lightning bolt on Friday and took out our wifi.

The look on Mikasa’s face when Eren stood up right before she could kiss him lol. Like “Just let me kiss you, darn it”. I’m starting feel kinda bad for her lol.

@JPnx44 Wait there was a Season 3 trailer? So I was right about Season 3 being in production. Screw you Kraken or random Titan Shifter! You made me miss the Season 3 trailer!


24 episodes next year.


Or more, the next two arcs have a lot of content :open_mouth:


Hope they really do 24 episodes. They didn’t this year, and many people got triggered


It’s heavily implied that it will cover two arcs, since their season 3 mini trailer had stuff from both arcs. :bucket:


Yeah,we are getting both Uprising Arc AND Shiganshina Arc,they chosed very well to end the next Season with Shiganshina Arc.


Who is watching the marathon on Toonami? It’s episodes 26-34.


“Toonami”? Is this a streaming website?

By the way:
Leakes will come out earlier.


You haven’t heard of Toonami? It’s on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block from 11 PM to 3:30 AM every Saturday.

Found this on Twitter. IDK if this is the official manga or not.

It looks like Eren and Mikasa at 19 with a baby (possibly theirs). Maybe this is before Eren goes off to fight Marley? Also is it possible for a baby to have any Titan genes from its parents? I don’t think it would be able to shift, but would it become a Titan subproduct?


I don’t thinl it has this program in my contry,but I not sure,

Is fake,spoilers didn’t leaked…yet.


What country are you in?

The spoilers could’ve leaked, that picture may be one of them. Something does look off about it though. Half of me thinks it’s fake, but the other half thinks it’s real. If it’s real, then the comment sections of videos and stuff is going to turn into WWIII. It’s currently pretty dangerous, especially on the video of Mikasa’s confession, so this being confirmed would turn YouTube into SaltTube. People get so wound up about who a fictional character should end up with.