Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Yep, that’s character progression there, he has finally managed to control his rage, just like Levi advised him to before going out.


Nooooo xD



This is why I also love Eren’s character, I also came to the same conclusion, it’s like Isayama took the typical shonen main character and put it in a world that constantly destroys his motivations and dreams and forces to accept the complexity of reality.




One of the many reasons why I love AOT! Ty Isayama and WIT, especially for not degrading the female characters with stupid fan service.


It surprised me the fact that Isayama is putting the the most recente event in the Anime,I wonde if he is going to extend some scenes.

Still pissed with the fact that WIT messed up with Beast Titan design.


Those arms just don’t fit that huge body <…<


He is alot more bulkie then in the anime.


I think the anime is just being too faithful to the manga, in that part of the manga he still has skinny arms and looks chubby and semi-muscular instead of complete muscular and with claws.


Hope so,but this would mean that they adapted his new design with his old one,because his torso looks similar.


Hulu has the dub of Season 1, so I’m watching it, and at the end of Berserk Eren and Annie’s fight, Annie’s pained roars and Eren’s grunts actually woke my dog up. She had this really confused look on her face.




So is this:

Best track in Season 2! I’ve listened to it at least 10 times today.



But this one is my favorite(trailer 1,Be(a)st Titan and Badass Zeke):


Just got done with the new episode! Like always, it was awesome!


Did anyone else know that Eren has an Italian roar? I found it on YT. It sounds like a Titan yawning. It’s hilarious.


It’s weird to think that this weekend the last episode of the anime will be released for this season.
Anyone have any bets for how long the wait for season 3 will be?


I’d say anywhere between 1-3 years. The reason Season 2 was released in April was because it was accidentally deleted while they were working on Season 3. Most likely we’ll receive a teaser along with a 2018 release date at the end of this year.


So Season 2 was redone is what you’re saying?
Also at least they’re working on Season 3.


IDK. I’m guessing they just had to reanimate the episodes.