Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Damn,I loved how Reiner told to Eren that he is the Armored Titan and Bert was the Colosal Titan,it was funny I was imagining how would they transfer that scene to the anime,but they did well.But their actual revelation was a mix feeling,the moment were Reiner broke down saying his duty and revealed his bite was sad,the moment were Mikasa tryed to kill Reiner and Bertold was also sad(I felt bad for Bert and Reiner) and the moment were they transformed was hype(and also sad).But then thing got really cool when the OST and Eren shifted,you knew something badass was coming.
I also loved how you can see for a split second Reiner and Bertold titan forms before they transform.You can also see for a split second Reiner’s right hand befor he charge to save Bert,I think that was a mistake in the animation.

Now we have to wait for the next episode…damn it.


I 100% agree, although, I need to be honest, I didn’t liked that CGI CT :frowning:

Nevertheless, favorite episode so far! :heart:


They are probably gonna use both CGI and drawing,but his “Explosion” and “Fall” scenes are going to be great.
Lets hope they don’t use CGI for the “Turky Titan”,he was gigantic and CGI wouldn’t work very well with him.


What I just bought :smiley:


This is awesome,now we need a version with Attack Titan,Armored Titan,Female Titan and,of course,Be(a)st Titan.


So I decided to join a conversation on Reddit about the CG CT and it looks like the probable reason behind that change is pretty disturbing and sad:

But seriously, we need to start supporting animation studios :frowning:


Aw man, I thought they will make 25 episodes like before >…>


They made 25 first season.
But it’s just harder to make that many now.


Shh, my bad >_>



Is there a thread for just the anime? Either way I’m gonna gush just a little.

Ymir is randomly a Titan!?!? And so are Reiner and Bertholdt!??! But Ymir ate their friend so how does this add up and what does Christa, I mean Historia, know?? What are the motives!?!? What are the secrets!?!? This is the best mystery I’ve ever experience yo I’m so hype.



And yep, Episode 6 was amazing!!


Sweet. I guess I’ll just copy pasta over there.




One million views already!


Anime only:"Traitors,how could they betray what is left of humanity? Hope they suffer"
Manga readers:“Haha,when you learn more about them,you will cut them some slack”


Today is the day. Episode 7. THAT fight. HYPE!!! :smiley:

Yeah! Hulu’s got it! Just started it now!

OMG I just finished it. IT’S SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! My favorite episode so far!!!

I loved how Eren had a flashback to Annie training him so he could beat Reiner. I wanted to see Mikasa and Annie fight for a few seconds or at least the outcome, but that’s okay. This episode was about Reiner and Bert. I was surprised he didn’t use his breath attack on Eren. (he used it right after he broke through Wall Maria in season 1). I actually remember Eren having the flashback in the manga and the Colossal Titan’s body falling onto Eren and Reiner. It looks like Bert’s mouth is going cover both Titans, so I guess they’re going to fight in the mouth? I cannot wait for next week!


AAAAAHHHH I still wating,goddamn.


OMG THAT CLIFFHANGER! I’m a manga reader and I yet, I was super annoyed by it (in a funny way) xD


Yeah,that fight was better then I was expecting,but the Colossal Titan’s “steam explosion” wasn’t I thought it would be,I was expecting him to roar.But it was a good episode.

Imagine when Season 3 starts,people will lose their heads when those crazy cliffhangers appears.


You can really see Eren get better at fighting in his Titan form.
When he fought Annie he was really struggling to do anything, but this time he’s using his head (for once).
Heck on this season he finally got a kill in his human form, so theirs that.