Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


It takes some time for the “heal power” to kicks in,but when he takes the badages off you will see the steam coming outof his arm.And about Eren,he wasn’t physicly hurt,but his body was tired from the fight and from the stress during the fight(but in the anime he ented in that “deamon form”,so that probably took a tool on him).
The next episodes are gonna be insane.


We also need to remember that they can control which part of their bodies can regenerate, so he was probably just holding the regen for later.




For comparasion:


Gaillard is Marcel’s brother and he ate Ymir.
Pieck is a f#cking QT girl.
Marley have sent 32 battleships to Paradis which never returned.
Reiner has PTSD.
Zeke has a son.

Edit:The feels man,Reiner with Galliard and the kids part.Also Zeke secret,he may have something more then just a “Royal Blood”.


Hold on a moment, Mikasa and Levi are subproducts of Titan science? That’s pretty interesting. Also does Mikasa have a freaking rocket launcher attached to her gear?!

One more thing, where is my new episode of the anime?


It seems so,it can be either Marley or the East Union that created them.That was a “Thunder Spear”,but it’s similar to a rocket launcher.

Not yet,but soon.Just wait a hour or two.


Oh that’s right I forgot about the Thunder Spears. They were the weapons used to bring down Reiner’s Titan before Bert died.


Is out:

What a irony,Ymir had this episode for her but at the same time in the manga she died.


Hulu’s got it now! Just started it!


Coming up:The Clash of Titans!


Yep! So hyped!


Loved the new manga chapter and anime episode, nevertheless, I was disappointed with the preview, it spoils what happens next episode, any anime watcher with a good eye can figure out what happens.

Edit: And holy crap, this manga chapter explained so many things 0_0.


This is so freaking sad:


Bottom left-Eren?


Tomorrow is the day, the day for THAT fight :smiley:


TODAY IS THE DAY! The Clash of Titans


That was just… beautiful. Best episode so far, the reveal was amazing.


Well, that was disappointing. ]No fight. I was expecting to see the scouts start fighting Reiner and Bert. The transformation sequence was pretty cool though. Especially the music playing during it. The way Mikasa was looking at Reiner and Bert just screamed murder. The rest of the episode was good. . Now we got to wait for episode 7.