Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


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Like I said, the beast titan will bring chaos, because not only is he the strongest titan,he can also turn humans into titans and give them orders. Historia’s father said that Eren cannot use the power of the coordinate, but I doubt that, I think that if he keeps trying, he might learn about the history outside the wall, maybe the key to do this is in his father’s basement.

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The problem with Eren is, he has so much potential power within him, but even at the point we’re at now, he’s still unable to do much. Besides having this “Invincible” ability lingering within him, we’ve seen when the same titan that ate his mother attempted to attack Eren, he punched the palm of it’s hand, thus somehow giving the surrounding Titan’s an order… To devour it.

The Beast is also capable of so much, that it actually fears me knowing that our beloved characters are soon to come to a face off with him. Do you think he will be hostile himself? For what he is, he actually seems very wise and knowledgeable. Maybe that’s exactly why Reiner, Colossal, and Annie are with him, to do dirty work. Him beating Reiner down was for us to see his true strength, and for him to know who’s boss.


Yeah, although Eren keeps learning slowly and I think now he has a little more confidence himself thanks to Historia and now he is more useful.

The beast titan, yes, I believe he will be very hostile and cruel, the way he left Erwin’s partner being devoured by titans, I doubt he will have mercy with his enemies, unlike Annie.

Like Armin said, when Annie turns into a titan, she becomes a monster with no feelings who kills anyone who gets in her way, but since she made friends, sometimes she snapped and let some people live. Same with Reiner and Bertolt, they didn’t wanted to hurt their friend, heck, they even forgot about their mission. Reiner had to remind himself that he was a “warrior” and not a friend of them. But the Beast titan, he has no connections with these people, he will do everything to get the coordinate.


Reiner reminds me of the Hulk, he’s torn between who he really is. Makes me wonder if Reiner will team with Eren? It could be very possible… Hell, what if the Beast Titan wanted to back off for some reason, but Bertolt refuses to leave without getting Annie, but the Beast says no, so that could be conflict. We know both of them had some sort of crush or something with Annie.

Ah, Mike! I forgot he killed Mike! I hate the Beast for that one damn reason!

Although Eren may be learning, he could be easily torn apart mentally. I want something … Devastating to happen to Eren, mentally. A simple word or memory triggered by The Beast. He doesn’t even have to fight physically, he could give everyone a mental breakdown. Eren with his mother and father, Mikasa with that and the first death of Eren, Levi with Isabel and Farlan… This would fit the tone of the anime almost… Perfectly.


Eh, I liked it well enough but it really didn’t hit me as anything that special. It has a good concept of a story that I find somewhat interesting and I actually like the concept of telling the backstory of the titans and how they work is only revealed as they learn more about them. THAT is very good and is well done… Unfortunate ly our “main character” is probably the least interesting out of all of them (at least for me) since his character seems to be summed up with KILLTITANS and was only really added to in the last few episodes showing his care for (crap, what was her name? his adopted sister? Sasha? [I watched it once like 2 months ago). All of the other characters were interesting, 3 dimensional charters (mostly). As much as I am bashing it, the characters are interesting (except for Eren) and it has a somewhat interesting storyline.
Oh, and changing the theme halfway through season 1? BOOOOOOO!!!
Edit: Oh and it is pretty predictable, death of Eren’s mother? Tragic, but called it. Annie the new titan? called it. Eren gets eaten and becomes a titan? Caaaaaalllllllllleeeeedddddd iiiiiiiitttttt.


I think Eren should have eaten Rod. I wonder if he would then have had the ability to choose between his current Titan form and the ultra sized Titan form.


Yeah, I also believe that Reiner might betray the Beast titan to rescue Annie. Maybe Bertolt will do it, he seems like a guy who wants to finish the mission but he doesn’t want to hurt his friends.

I honestly think Eren got already torned mentally when Historia’s father revealed everything to him, he didn’t even cared about his life anymore and he still thinks he’s a useless boy with a special power, I feel kinda sad for him :sweat_smile: But who knows, maybe the Beast titan will turn one of Eren’s friends into a titan, now that would really mess up Eren.


That would really make him OP, that titan was HUGE lol xD


I think almost everyone can agree with you about Eren’s character and btw, it’s Mikasa lol xD Sasha is another awesome character.

About Annie being a titan … I was one of the few people who didn’t know it was her, even though it was super obvious lol


I don’t think Eren had any more guts and wits left to do anything like that at that moment. Plus, his oversized titan didn’t look complete , as far as I remember, it was mainly skeleton right?

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Seeing a friend become a Titan doesn’t seem as dramatic as per say… Jean sacrifices himself because maybe him doing this would give Eren the upper hand, and you see Marco’s spirit say “You did good, I’ll see you soon.” Before he dies, or something that lets you know he mainly did this to avenge Marco.

@Trollogrefey My only defense on that is… Eren saw his entire life just vanish right before his eyes, with the fact that something could have been done by Hannes to save his mother. So as much of a cliche is it, I can’t blame him for wanting so much revenge. Although throughout the manga, especially recently, he realizes his flaws. He admits to not being the all mighty titan killer he thinks he was, he knows he isn’t special, he knows without the people he his fighting with, he’s useless. He changes drastically, and Eren is becoming a new person, and I like that.


Turning a friend into the thing he hates the most, I think that would really affect him. Also, I ment “ordinary” that eats human, not a titan shifter.
Jean dying like that would be nice and very sad.


I 100% agree.


Well, it would depend who it is… Hm… I think at this point, Connie would be good since his mother was already turned into one. It seems right. He meets the fate just the way his mother did.


Yeah I agree and I feel bad for saying this, but I would feel relieved If he meets that fate and not the other characters.


I don’t blame you, I have the least attachment to him. Everyone else has a special little spot in my heart, I still have open wounds from Marco, Petra, and Mike!


Oh no, don’t remind me of Petra, I cried when “that” happened :cry: