Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


think the beast/bigfoot is erins dad?


Remember that this is the manga discussion, so I do know who he is, but I won’t tell. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no problem with people discussing the anime here though, just be careful with spoilers.


@Deity_Pharaoh Keep reading,it will get better…And crazier.
@Kathryn_James No,but…Warm.


Wait what happened to Grisha again? The last I remember of him was him on a horse trying to find out if his family was okay after the breach of Shiganshina in episode 2 of the anime.


We have 9 powers,Grisha had 2 of them and now Eren have those 2 powers…tic tac tic tac tic tac


I caught up last night , a time skip happened right?
Can I have some explanation on this whole thing.
They arrived at the beach right , and then it skips ahead of time?


Ok,I will try to explain to you:There was a 9/6 months time skip,the Survay Corps killed all the titans but they also found out that there is no more titans being sent,then they reach the beach.So we had a 3 years time skip(which makes 4 in total) and we were presente to the Marleyan war.


You know, makes me wonder what exactly has changed for them in the span of 4 years. I hope this next chapter, we get a glance at their “advancements”.


Wait so the survey corps killed all of the mindless titans? That’s impressive. So that gave them room to search for the beach?

And it just skips to a war, kinda interesting. Ok thank you


Question, should we just start a separate thread for the anime people, whilst we have this one for manga?


I think that’s a good idea :thumbsup:


I’ll make it right now. :slight_smile:

We can just make this one the manga discussion since that what it’s primarily used for.


Soon(spoilers at 0:31,press “2” to jump spoilers)


Holy crap, Wit Studio has done an incredible job hiding both the Armor Titan and Colossal Titan’s identities, unlike the manga, where at some point it was just too obvious.


Out of curiosity why do you like the beast titan so much.
Or Zeke i mean


When he first appeared, I just thought his character was super interesting, he had this mysterious, cold and evil aura, plus he definitely gave a good first impression as a villain.

But then, when he appeared again, at the Shiganshina district, with his creepy smile and terrifying aiming skills, I just started loving the character more and more. He barely said anything at first and yet, you knew that monster was the mastermind behind the strategies that the titan shifters used against the scouts and Erwin also noticed that, after all, Zeke was just sitting behind watching all his plan coming alive.

I just love smart, terrifying, evil and badass villains and he definitely had those characteristics, in my opinion.

Once more we see that Zeke don’t have claws(he now posses claws in his feet and his hands),yet he is climbing the walls.I wonder if this is supposed to be this way,Isayama once say that the Beast Titan should always have looked like he is now,black eyes and more buff,but WIT used the wrong design.
I don’t know,he may have consumed Ymir.


I was also wondering this, I guess they’re being very faithful to the manga, since in those chapters he didn’t have claws, plus his arms aren’t that skinny in the other chapters.

I wonder if anime watchers are going to notice it. :open_mouth:


His roar gave me chills,so awesome.

And once more we see that Ymir didn’t had claws and pointy theeth before eat Marcel,but now she have.And Zeke doesn’t have claws and black/white eyes.I think the theory may be correct.


YMIR TRANSFORMED HOLY CRAP!!! Why didn’t Reiner’s arm instantly heal? He’s supposed to be the Armored Titan, and Titans are supposed to be able to regenerate extremely fast. Same with Eren. He was still hurt from the battle with Annie, so why didn’t the Titan regeneration kick in? Episode 30 is going to be lit!