Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Dude , I heard about it, can’t wait until I read it. Levi is the best man
Also i recently passed the point where eren saw that smiling titan again, that was insanity!! I would’ve figured it died


Spoilers of the manga


Wait, were those dozens of Titan Shifters leaping trough the air, transforming mid descent?


It seems like that Zeke can turn people into mindless titans by using his unknow power,but it’s a “Coodinate” type of power.When they land they causes damage and then starts to eat.

Chapter:Based Warriors


Oh my god, that was epic just to look through without translations. Seeing four Shifters working together on tearing down the Union. I really hope someone does fanart of these Four Warriors standing side by side as Titans and humans, because it was just eye candy to me. I’m interested in seeing the dialogue on its official release… AGH. I’m still awe struck by how the Piek’s Titan got all decked out, and just seeing this new ‘world’ within Attack on Titan.


“His power is useless” they said,“Carring thing and walk on all fours isn’t a power” they said.Well turns out that he is a pretty dangerous shifter,just put some armor on his limbs and we had a “anti-SC titan”.
They look awesome fighting togheter,the Warriors always seemed to work better in team than the SC,don’t know why.
I hope Reiner is ok,I mean it’s Reiner who we are talking about,the guy who die but never stays dead,but still.

Chapter translated:


I’m so confused right, I really want to know what is their real objective, apparently they don’t want war and the folks of the Union seem like pretty bad people, seeing how they kept treating Eldians like crap and calling them devils.

Maybe the Eldians in Marley want to prove that they’re actually good people by helping them defeat the Union and kill the “evil” Eldians inside the wall?

Edit: I also found it interesting that the story so far is telling us that there has been so many technological advances to the point where titans are becoming more easy to kill (Reiner getting pierced through, once again).


It was amazing, especially seeing the mule titan with those epic canons! :open_mouth:


What JP said, it’s the same power that Zeke used when he first arrived at Paradis and when he fought the scouts.


I’ll admit, I thought the Mule was pretty lame when I first saw him, but Warhorse Mule was sick.

Also, I didn’t even know he had that power. Thanks @JPnx44!


Also, if you look closely, Zeke’s scream turned the people into titans. :open_mouth:


Did they know Zeke was gonna do that to them? And if he can do that, why doesn’t he just show up at the Eldian’s front door and keep screaming at them to make them all mindless Titans?


People in Reddit had the same question, nevertheless, you can see that they are probably drugged, just look at their face and all the drooling.

So maybe they need to be drugged so Zeke can transfrom them.

Edit: Remember, those are most likely Eldian prisoners, Markey doesn’t care about them.


Wonder if Zeke can selectively choose who is affected by his scream though, because it didn’t change the Marleyans. Only the para-titans.


Loved this episode, Sasha finally getting her backstory, nevertheless, get ready folks, the next couple of episodes will have non-stop action. :smiley:


Just saw the first episode, and I’m shocked. Beast Titan can talk?! I mean, he felt like a boosted monkey who got his hands on Titan powers back when I played Attack On Titan: Wings of Freedom. But he’s actually smart?!


It was a rather fun episode, even if it wasn’t as action packed as episode 26. Not only was it great seeing Sasha get some love, and learning a little about her, but the short interaction towards the beginning with Levi, Nick, and Hanji; not to mention Eren, Mikasa, and Armin was nice.

They ended it with a nice mystery to those watching the anime, and that preview has got me hyped. You’re right, these next episodes are going to be utterly the most amazing, nerve-wracking episodes until the true ‘Clash of the Titans’ if you know what I mean wink wink

Either way, Season Two is strong right now. I’m hoping, dearly hoping they announce an OVA for Lost Girls, and MAYBE, just maybe at least announce a mini series [ Like Junior High ] for Before the Fall for sometime in the future.


In the next chapter:The mad pitcher shows his skills.


On chapter 80 right now, I’ve never had a stronger feeling of hopelessness . :confused: Jeez man this is getting bad


Holy fuck Levi is ridiculous, dude annihilated beast titan.


My mind was just blown whattttttttttt