Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Hulu has Season 2! I’m watching it right now!

I love the subtitle error. “…pease let me visit them!” LOL

Just finished it… it’s awesome! The Beast Titan’s mouth was moving when he spoke! Eren’s Titan didn’t move it’s mouth.


I don’t know if you guys noticed this, but the intro and the end credits had a lot of foreshadowing of stuff that happens later in the manga.

Hanji putting an eye patch after the explosion of the Colossal Titan:

The Colossal Titan throwing stuff and exploding:

And Ymir making a deal with the devil:


@SnakeSound222 this season is going to be amazing (shame it’s only 12 eps).
If I not mistaken,Eren can speak,in a way,in his Titan form but since he lacks lips,he can’t pronaunce some words,unlike Zeke.

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun Yeah,I noticed that too,but there is some interesting things too,like:
-The “Devil” is more human like here,he posses beard and hair,and he has a less evil look in his face;
-The Colossal explosion power has been showed;
-The walls Titan getting out of the wall;
-Three little girls eating the flash of a being(not sure If It was Ymir,It was too humanoid looking);
-Colossal titans getting out for a “walk”;
-The migration to Paradi and the King creating the walls;
-The hearts representing the ideals,and the Armored Titan and Beast Titan has one too;
-Mindless titan attacking citys and the people in it,but how they here created? By eating the flash of shifters like Maria,Rose and Sina was doing?
-Zeke walking with the most powerfull creatures in the world and destroying the titans;
-A Owl not killing his pray,unlike the others predators;
-The Nine Titans.


I’m just gonna stop by here to put my two cents in and not read anything cuz I don’t follow manga just anime. Season 2 just dropped and it’s dope. What the fuck is that hairy Titan and why the fuck can it talk! It can control the other Titans too like what the actual fuck is going on!? Titans in the walls!? The religious asshat actually matters!? It’s already damn cool and I’m hype for the rest of the episodes to come.


Also I prefer the dub because Matthew mercer as Levi is too damn good.


I know Eren’s Titan can talk, he was talking to Annie during both of their fights.

It’s only 12 episodes? Why?


Oh boy,you just made the job of posting new chapters more hard,but don’t worrie.Before posting new chapters or If we talk about the manga,I going to put “SPOILERS” and “MANGA” and jump some lines.Carefull when you come here between 4 and 7 of each month,is when spoilers are around.
I think there is a “anime only” in the forum,here is a place where you could get some mean spoilers.

Hope Troy Baker dub Beast Titan,It would be awesome.

There is more,WAAAAAY more,just you wait.(The Beast Titan is a Badass character).


Actully,he was talking to himself during both fights.But in the manga,Hanji made a experiment and Armin realized that he could’t pronaunce some words.

Don’t know mate,but let’s hope we get a Arc per year.


He can’t talk, that’s all on his mind. :open_mouth:


Yep, I was disappointed too, it will only cover 1 arc, unlike season 1 that cover like 3 or 4 arcs.

Nevertheless, I will enjoy these 12 episodes to the fullest!



The Owl! It’s the spy! He didn’t kill Grisha :open_mouth:

Edit: Derpy derp, that totally went over my head xD


I’m not the squeamish type but this episode got me jesus that was brutal.
What a terrifying titan



Oh my goodness, Episode 26 was beautiful. The OP is a nice homage to Season One’s first OP. The animation has become much more crisp and smooth, the arc itself that is going to play out, just everything! The golden gem was of course the last sequence with Beast and Miche, and I gotta admit… His death was agonizing to listen to. His screams were so terrifying, you could just hear all the pain, and his desperate begging.

As for episode 27, it’s clearly Sasha’s episode judging from the preview, so I’m excited to see the sequence with that 7-8 foot Titan and the child. It’ll be nice to see a little more of Sasha’s past.

With these 12 episodes, I hope they do some nice OVAs. I personally hope they do OVAs for the ‘Lost Girls’ story, and a mini series for Before the Fall.


What platforms you guys watching this on?


Crunchyroll. It’s also on Hulu and Funimation.


Waiting for it to come up on Toonami so I can watch it in English. Sasha’s always been my favorite, so I’m excited for the second episode!


If only I had the free trial.
But I don’t really use cards so I don’t have anything for the free trial to start.



I agree. Miche has had the most brutal death in the show so far.


I couldn’t resist had to read the manga the story had me to hyped. Can’t wait to see everything animated now!


Yes,let the manga flow trough you.

Looking foward to Levi vs Zeke(although,I don’t considere that a fight)…In season 4.