Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Guys, the new chapter takes place in the future!

And it isn’t a war between Eldians and Marleyans, it’s a war between Marley (with the help of the Eldians who are in concentration camps and they are training to be Warriors) against this new enemy call “The Union”. :open_mouth:

Also, it looks like they took (or will take) Zeke and Reiner’s titan powers since they failed their mission. 0_0


Any news about the season 2’s anime series?


Nope, just the date of release (April 1) and some interviews talking about the making of season two.


Why that doesn’t suprise me ? @_@


So this is the chapter:
-3 years time skip;
-We have new characters:Falco,Colt,Gabi,end two others;
-Is the Marleyans army with some of Eldians soldiers and the new Warriors;
-Colt have been chosed to be the new Beast Titan,and who has the best avaliaton in this battle will be choosen to be the new Armored Titan;
-Mule Titan is a shifter (I knew It) and his name is Peak;
-The Marleyans are in a 4 years war against the “East Union”(probably Mikasa’s clan);
-Reiner is the guy with the parachute;
-The Titans Warriors can’t enter in the “Slave Fortress”(“Slave” is pronaunced like the movie “La la land”,so the Fortress has nothing to do with slavarie) while a one shot hit kill “Anti-Titan Cannon” is active;
-The last Titan appeared,the “Jaw Titan” own by someone called Galliard.


April 1 worldwide, or just in Japan?

Also does anyone know a good place to watch episodes as they air? I don’t really own a t.v. [quote=“JPnx44, post:307, topic:64860”]
-The last Titan appeared,the “Jaw Titan” own by someone called Galliard.

Was a bit disappointed with that. I thought it’d be something a bit more dramatic than just an armored jaw and claws, but it’s alright as is I suppose.

But anyway, so far almost every Titan except for the Attack/Vanguard Titan that Kruger gives Grisha and then Eren has some sort of special power- armor, crystallization, size, jaws, quadrupedal or whatever, mind control/memory powers. What’s the Vanguard Titan’s power? Does it just like…Exist or something? It seems completely unremarkable thus far.



I believe it’s worldwide, Crunchyroll will be streaming the episodes, you can either watch it on your phone, with the app, or on their website.

The only original power that I have seen from the Coordinate/Vanguard is the power to control people’s memories and maybe controlling any type of titan, unlike the Beast titan, who seems like he could only control the titans that he created.


Ah, excellent. I’m assuming that I’d need to pay to watch them on Crunchyroll but that’s fine, worth it imo. [quote=“Buckets_Sentry_Gun, post:310, topic:64860”]
The only original power that I have seen from the Coordinate/Vanguard is the power to control people’s memories and maybe controlling any type of titan, unlike the Beast titan, who seems like he could only control the titans that he created.

Wiping memories and controlling titans are the abilities of the Coordinate for sure, but the Vanguard Titan is separate so I’m a little lost as to its special power. Maybe it’s being saved for a dramatic reveal.


“Interesting divice they created,the one that alows you to jump I mean…I’m sorry I tought that we talk the same language,or are you so terrefied that you can’t even speak?..I will take this”


You ninja’d me! Omg, the Beast titan!!! :smiley:

Edit: It looks just like the manga! :open_mouth:


I’m honestly way too excited for this, and it’s coming in about a week. Besides the new footage, any opinions on that new song? I love it all :confounded:


So i just recently finished all the manga chapters currently available and and i am so damn hyped for Season 2.


From the first trailer? I literally play the video almost everyday just to listen to the soundtrack xD

GOOD GOOD! What’s your favorite moment from the manga?


It looks gorgeous. :heart_eyes: Also 10/10 fabulous titan move.


Just realized we haven’t spoken in “years”, so forgive me for vanishing like that. How have you been?

Also, since it has been so long since we have discussed anything SnK related, I wanted to quickly drop my opinions on what has happened so far.

I CALLED IT, the moment that the squad had discovered Grisha’s books, I CALLED IT when I speculated that Berthold’s [ RIP ], Reiner, Annie, Ymir, Piek, and Zyeke’s actions weren’t ENTIRELY evil, that they were actually working around exposing the truth about the world. I wish they approached the situation better, but it made for some great chapters. If you can’t tell, I’m also very torn about losing Bert, he was one of my most favorite characters :’(

I also love how Zyeke is Eren’s step brother, and despite the conflict Zyeke had with Grisha as a kid, that he wants to do good for the world. I know the ‘final battle’ is soon, and many people speculate that it will be Eren and Armin with the rest of the squad versus Zyeke, Reiner and the other new characters. BUT, I personally believe that they will all group up together to fight an even bigger enemy, so I’m REALLY hoping that there is a Titan that’s just unbelievably strong. I want the fight to kill people quickly, brutally, and randomly to the point where you have to stop and cry like “WHA- NO, WHY!?”

I do gotta admit, seeing our gang see the ocean for the first time really touched my heart, seeing how they all reacted… it was awesome, and I can’t wait to see it animated.


The battle to retake Shinganshina and Wall Maria. it was so hype inducing.


Beast Titan is running and he is also the king of the Beasts!


LMAO! xD The part where the Beast titan is running alongside a T-Rex, an elephant, a whale and some other animals is freakin’ hilarious! :joy: OMG I can’t breathe!


EP 1-

Is interesting to noticed that he was running with the most powerfull beasts in our planet,and they were crushing all titans…Foreshadowing.
Damn,Zeke was badass.

Zeke:“Rolla Costa…MUDAMUDANUDA”