Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


Chapter 89 is out:


That ending, what the hell?? Why is he talking about Mikasa and Armin? And I thought everything was explained >_<

Edit: Just imagine if he the manga starts dealing with themes like seeing the future and stuff like that 0_0.


Let’s please discuss this for a second-

He’s “seeing” things from the future that haven’t happened. Mikasa and Armin are presently just a twinkle in their parents’ eyes.

This guy’s name is Eren Kruger.

He looks identical to Eren- compare the pictures of young Kruger and young Eren. They look so, so similar.

However we know that Kruger is not related to Grisha, and it’s impossible for him to be related to Carla, so either it’s an uncanny coincidence that he looks like Eren or he is Eren. We know that there’s some weird futuristic time travel-y stuff going on- “To you, 2000 years from now” and “See you later, Eren” and this whole “Paths” thing.


Also, early chapter? Probably just a one off thing, but it’s still really nice. :slight_smile: Happy new year.


That’s what I’m thinking! This will probably involve stuff about traveling through time or just seeing the future and past 0_0.

Maybe… just maybe, that’s Eren and for a moment he blew his cover by mentioning the names of Mikasa and Armin and then pretended to be confused?


Omg! What if, every time Eren sees the past, his mind connects with the previous coordinate and thus, that Coordinate can also see Eren’s memories. :open_mouth:

Edit: Oh wait, nvm, it’s a flawed theory.


Not necessarily- it would make sense if Kruger was a descendant of a previous coordinate holder somehow.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. He doesn’t seem that confused.

Even when getting answers, we keep getting more questions. ._.


Also, I thought it worth mentioning even if it’s a bit late- when torturing Grisha, the soldiers mention that Kruger contacted the Mare’s “enemy from the east.” Back in the earliest chapters, I think, Mikasa’s mother gives her something that’s the symbol of the “East Sea Clan.” It’s worth noting that where everyone else has a more European kind of look, Mikasa and her mother are Asian.
So basically the “Chinese” are attacking the Mare from the east and forcing them to militarize.


So, will Eren have the hardening ability like the female titan did in his titan form? (In season 2)


This chapter was confusing,but maybe those “paths” are a way to the person to reincarnate and they are looking for a way to find a way to end this war,Eren is reincarnating and trying to find a way to fix things but he can’t remember his previous lifes only glimps of it.Zeke mentioned something about this “They are making the same mistakes over and over again” and also something about “sending the old and the young to die with honor”,he knows something.
Also,Ymir didn’t had claws and,maybe,pointy teeths…weird.
@Delphox Kind of.

Happy new year everyone.


Maybe Ymir is an reincarnation of the Ymir 0_0


Maybe…all the Ymir’s people are the same person.Attack on Titan is getting full mind f#cker.


OMG!! I just can’t stop the excitement xD

I’m glad the FineBrothers showed this and the reactions were perfect :smiley:




What did that horse ever do?


Crossed the Warchief’s Path.


New chapter is out!!


Omg! That ending was so satisfying! Seeing all of them finally seeing the ocean was so emotional and awesome! Also, wow, time flies in the AOT universe, I think this chapter is the end of the latest arc, next arc will be Eldians vs the Marley government. :open_mouth:


Anytime now Godzilla…

What happened to Reiner and Zeke? Are they dead? I wanted to see Eren and Armin fight them in a tag team battle.


Maybe they are back with the Marleyans making a strategy attack,or they are in Paradi some where.
Reiner os probably gonna come back toughter them before,just a feeling.


Eldians vs Marleyans chapter.