Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)


If you’re not afraid of spoilers, waiting for Season 2, blah blah… Then you’ve been warned. If not, feel free to discuss about the anime or manga within here! From upcoming chapters to theories, to even what will and will not be in Season Two!

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What Makes A Good Anime?
Attack on titan season 2
Attack on titan season 2

I’m going to ask a leader if they can move our AOT discussions from the other thread into here, so people can talk about our opinions, theories and maybe share theirs :smile:


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I feel like… Jean should die. It’ll be the most emotional death in my opinion.
And okay! puts on Hanji glasses
Well, the Historia family is known for having powers that manipulate the human mind, causing memory lose… The Beast Titan has this power, but… How ? Grisha goes to the family mansion, and basically killing the entire family. I believe Grisha and the Beast Titan were once friends, and they were the ones that created the thing I’m just calling “Titan Juice”, which you know… Turns the user into a Titan.
Now, think… Maybe Grisha wanted to do… Good with the Titan stuff, possibly something for military? Who knows. And the Beast Titan wanted evil… Seeing as how they wanted different things, he brainwashed Grisha after knocking him out and leaves him near the walls… Maybe this is why he is so interested in the human anatomy.
As he gets older, he regains memory, thus causing him to go and kill the Reiss family ( I meant that, not Historia. ), realizing that maybe his old partner was working alongside them, in which he learned the power to mess with human mind.
Also, remember this! Grisha ate the Titan human shifter that had the Titan power of invincibility, but she was too young to unlock that power, and we already knew he’s a Titan… We also know Eren ate his Dad, thus giving him that power as well, so Eren has the hidden power of invincibility that may help him in the future! Don’t forget that Grisha purposely got eaten… Makes me think that he knows he can’t do anything himself, so he believes his own son will be the one to stop the attacks, specifically the Beast Titan… In the end…
I believe the Beast Titan is the reason Reiner, Annie, Bertolt, maybe even Ymir and the Reiss family are all titans. Hell, he may even be the creator alongside Grisha!


Spoilers ahead

Very good theory, but I have some doubts and questions. Ok, if i remember correctly, only the “coordinate” has the power to mess with people’s memories and also control titans, that’s why the first king could erase everyone’s minds and how Historia forgot who was her sister( her sister erase her memories) and now Eren has this power but he can’t develop that power completely. The theory about the friendship between the Beast titan and Grisha sounds very interesting and could be true, but I believe the plot is more bigger, I don’t believe the Beast titan is behind everything. Remember that Reiner and Bertolt always talk about coming “home” and how they need to bring the “coordinate” or they will be punished. This could be brainwashing, like you said, but it’s still very interesting.

Now here’s my theory, I believe that there is another place where other humans live, humans who know about the history outside the wall and they know how to make titan shifters and they are also enemies of the “normal” titans who just eat humans. They know that the coordinate is inside the walls and thus, they first send Grisha to retrieve it and they somehow erase his memories of the time he spend there so the people inside the wall could not get info about their place. But he takes too long to retrieve the coordinate and they send three more “warriors”,Reiner, Bertolt and that one dude that Ymir ate( then she becomes human).

When Carla died, Grisha wanted revenge againts “the others” and he screw up the plan and gave the titan power to Eren. Years go by and they can’t capture Eren and thus, they sent another titan, the Beast titan, the one who will do the job.
So yeah, that’s mine, sorry for the grammar, I’m typing in my phone xD


Everything I discussed about my theory comes from all manga, specifically the newest chapter, 16.
You’d have to read every chapter to basically know some of the stuff I’m talking about, and a few little pieces from Season One. But yeah, mainly everything was from the manga.


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Remember that Grisha ate Historia’s sister, the one who had the power of the coordinate and then Grisha became the coordinate. He then made Eren a titan and when Eren ate Grisha, Eren got the power. Grisha knew everything about the power and who had it.
When the beast titan says “First priority is
going for the coordinate” he means capture Eren :smiley:


Ohhh , okay okay everything makes a little more sense now. I’m gonna have to give the manga a fresh read through very soon.
How about this …

How do you feel about the fight between Eren and possibly both Armored and Beast Titan? And the fact that Levi is the one who took the syringe with what I presume is the “Titan Juice”… What do you think is going to happen? Any idea isn’t crazy, since this anime tends to throw many surprises around.


I think Eren will fight Reiner again but this time the Beast titan will aid Reiner and since the Beast titan is so strong, I believe that Levi will become a titan shifter and he will fight the beast titan, that would be epic to see!


Yes it would! I wanna see Eren get tossed around like a doll and get not a single punch in, I want him to feel weak before something like that happens. I want the Beast Titan to talk him down in the process, possibly expose some big secret in the Yeager family in front of everyone. Then Levi can become his own shifter. Although that seems predictable… What if Mikasa took the syringe whilst Levi was distracted since you know… She almost killed Levi for just kicking him, so imagine watching him get tossed around and trash talked about her own family.


I would love to see the beast titan spill some secrets about his “homeland” or the truth behind everything. Seeing Mikasa as a titan would be awesome too, but I’m still scared for the characters, I have this feeling that things won’t go their way. The beast titan seem very cruel and smart, I think we will end up hating him lol. That’s why I love AOT, I care for these amazing characters and I hope they survive that horrible reality.


Yeah, I know what you mean. I feel like either Reiner or Bertolt will die. Maybe one of our beloved characters like Jean or Sasha! They’re safe so far, but there’s still many chapters without death… Makes me feel like something is going to happen very soon.


Yeah, I can’t wait for the next chapter, we’ll have to discuss it :smiley:


Yes we shall! Where would you want to?
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