Shingeki no Kyojin ANIME Discussion (ANIME Spoilers Inside!)


I made this so that spoilers and whatnot for Season 2 aren’t revealed to anyone who hasn’t read the manga. We’ll be using the old one for manga discussion, while this one is for anime discussion. Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Shingeki no Kyojin MANGA Discussion! (MANGA Spoilers Inside!)

The badass appears

Just in a few weeks,while then let’s enjoy this(jump to 0:31 of the vídeo,pause the vídeo and press “2” to jump to the mark)…Or just wait for the fight,if you want.


Ymir is randomly a Titan!?!? And so are Reiner and Bertholdt!??! But Ymir ate their friend so how does this add up and what does Christa, I mean Historia, know?? What are the motives!?!? What are the secrets!?!? This is the best mystery I’ve ever experience yo I’m so hype.


The colossal Titan looks different in this season too. It’s not 2D like it was before. I don’t dislike it, but why the change I wonder.


Budget constraints. Harder for anime creators to do what they did few years back.


I had long suspected Reiner, I’ve had multiple conversations with friends where I knew he had told Annie.
Last nights payoff was huge for me, I had only recently suspected bertholdt as well of being the collosal Titan

My favourite scene in this show is now the oh so fucking casual conversation revealing everything.

Super awesome episode that felt like a massive payoff!!!


Really? I didn’t think that a 3D model would be cheaper


Just like "He’s the Colossal Titan, and I’m the Armored Titan. No big deal."
a few minutes later

Epic transformation sequence where Reiner grabs Eren and Bertholdt grabs Ymir followed by Eren transforming and punching Reiner in the face.

Also Episode 6 had freaking Vogel im Kafig at the end! The track that played during the transformations was also awesome.



“Hey Eden, come here, I wanna talk”
“So 5 years ago we started our attack on humanity”

My gf and I did a double take so hard!!

Still feeling the awesomeness of this moment.

I’ve literally paused the episode where Annie grabs Steiner, and have pointed out to so many people that
A) no way he should have got out alive, we know he’s tough and strong, but no Levi or Mikasa.
B) That it was him asking where Erens location, and then as soon at that happened she knew where to go!

Then with Bertholdt, there was a singular moment this season, where Reiner asked him if he was coming, and he made this comment that’s sort of like, I have to go where you go, and that’s when I suspected him.


It’s easier to make 1 3D model and animate it than it is to make the titan move every frame.
Also the guy is huge so that’s a lot more to draw each frame than say Armored Titan.


Yep, they make the 3D model and then control it like a puppet. (Right?)


That’s super sad. It’s like the most popular anime out right now and they can’t afford animation? I wonder what went wrong…


Anime as a whole is suffering. Not just AoT.


I suggest you check this:

Edit: It also talks about AOT.