Shikariferrarii Plays Mortal Kombat X: MK Matchups


Hey Guys Here Is A Little Video Series I Like To Call MK Matchups, Where I Play Against Players Online, My First One Is Alien 6 Matches In Total Hope You Enjoy =]

I Also Streamed This On My Twitch If You Follow My Twitter Below I’ll Let You Know When I’m Live =]

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Nice i love MKX ( Evolve is still the best game ) im a Leatherface Player on Ps4 ^^

But its very sadly that the online mode get ruins by stupid spammer who only want to win
Online is very hard for a new player like me -.-


Why are all of your threads advertisements?


Yep can be very frustrating sometimes, I just learn one character over a few days through and through and then go online with them , it’s what I did with alien =D


As far as I know I’m not braking any rules if this is not allowed community leaders have the power to remove it which is fine if it is braking any rules then okay my mistake, the threads last 30 days it’s not like it’s here forever , and as far as “all threads are advertising” nearly all my videos are discussion topics and not just “here’s my channel watch my videos now” and sorry I’m the only person posting multiple topics coz that’s a bad thing to do on a forum apparently?!


I really hope Freddy Krueger will be a DLC again He must be in

Freddy vs Jason


I thought you were going to ask “Why is the first letter in each your words in your OP capitalized?” but oh well…


Yeah it’s a habit I have sometimes XD


Think im going to post my future mk matchup videos here as to keep doing new threads would be annoying, and as long as this is cool to do I’ll keep posting unless i get told by community leaders. =]


Sadly, Ed Boon (or someone up there) said guest characters won’t be used twice. It would be cool to Freddy vs Jason MKX.


I love leather face, I feel like people don’t give him the credit he deserves . He has some crazy mix ups.


Yeah his Fatality and Brutality are pretty sick
really love to play as him ^^


Wasn’t lookin forward to any pass 2 characters, but I did play alien because of the premier tower and meeeeh… I’ll stick with Kano :smile:


Yeah I think that’s enough guest characters now I want some core people back wanna see noob, nightwolf, rain in the game


Here Is Number 2! If You Check It Thank You =]


Another new one! as always if you check it out thank you =] x


Another video! =D