Shift Key Freeze

Today several times when I go to climb by pressing the shift key (PC) I get the Steam window popping up and I’m completely unable to move in-game. Normally I can Alt+Tab or Tab alone a couple times to shake it off but I lose precious time. Sorry I don’t have many more specifics. I’ve been playing Wraith and when this happens I am always sneaking into the climb.

This happens every time in my first game after I hold shift. Once it is triggered once it won’t happen again unless you fully restart Steam. To get it out early shift + tab in the first ~15 seconds so you won’t get it in the middle of feeding.

Whenever you Alt+Tab this will occur.

I’d recommend changing your steam overlay key combination to something that doesn’t include tab.

I note that when I hit Shift+Tab sometimes it will clear, but I actually just played a match where it happened right at the drop point and I was panicking spinning in circles until the hunters landed right on my back! I never had this issue before. Hopefully it will go away tomorrow…today I have been touch-and-go playing and leaving Evolve running in the background while I Alt+Tab out to do the forum and such, then jump in for a couple rounds, then back to forum stuff…which is normally not what I do and might have something to do with this gimpiness. I should play Evolve, then close it, and re-open it again to play, heh. Thanks for the tip though…if it continues I will have to do this.

One thing you can do is press the tab key once upon resuming the game following alt-tabbing, this will clear the button depress command and ensure that you don’t unintentionally open the steam overlay.

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