Shield Projector Progression


I haven’t used Hank much recently, but the times that I have, I’ve noticed that my progression with the Shield Projector is always zero.
Now, this isn’t a “git gud l2p” problem, I use the Shield Projector to shield a lot of damage, and yet the game doesn’t seem to register it.

Edit: I just checked my progression in the Profile menu, as it turns out the game IS registering the progress, but isn’t showing it in the results screen.


Which star are you trying to get? They have different requirements.


The first star, for shielding damage. I guess I should’ve mentioned that in the first place.

Edit: Me being a poo head about it couldn’t have been the problem, the problem is the discrepancy between the end result screen and my actual progression earned in the match.
I just went into a solo match to see if the bug persists, it did. I completed the one star mastery during the match and yet the results screen still told me I had earned no progression during the match.


Oh, I assumed it was the “prevent an incap” tier. If it’s the first star and you just have to prevent X damage, then I’m not sure.

Do you have a video you can share?


I just completed the one star mastery and didn’t record anything. I always forget to do that when I see a bug. I’m on Xbox anyway so I would have no idea how to get the video on here as I don’t own a PC. I use my phone for browsing the forums.y


You can go to

From there you can get embed codes.