Shield Mechanics Discussion (Possible Bugs Included)

I think there is a decent chance the things I’m bringing up in this topic are intended mechanics, but I just want to say them out loud because I think they’re weird and I never see anyone talking about them.

I’ll start by stating a fact that I’m guessing many players don’t know: When shields overlap they are completely wasted. What I mean by that is that overlapping shields both take full damage from single attacks simultaneously.

Example: Hank wants to use his shield gun to block a stage 3 rock from Goliath. He wants to protect the assault but the assault doesn’t realize this and also pops their personal shield. Both shields take 730 damage when the rock hits the assault directly. This overloads Hank’s shield gun and leaves the assault’s shield at 54.375% capacity. Hank has now wasted his shield for no reason, because this is exactly the same outcome as if he had done nothing for the assault’s shield. Here is a video of this occurring as evidence (notice how at the score screen it shows that I shielded 0 damage this game, even though my shield gun was clearly completely depleted by “blocking” a stage 3 rock):

The above example feels counter-intuitive to me, but I realize it may be intended to prevent Hank from making it impossible for a monster to burst down assault’s personal shield. This mechanic feels a lot less fair to me with regards to Sunny’s shield drone though. The drone is smart enough never to shield the assault when their personal shield is up, but it is not smart enough to stop shielding players after they take damage, as I have said in the past. This means that the following situation is completely plausible:

Behemoth is moving to attack the assault. Assault wisely (or so he/she thinks) let’s the behemoth hit a couple of times before activating his/her personal shield. Unfortunately this means a nearby shield drone starts “protecting” him/her. Since overlapping shields are wasted (but the shield drone doesn’t know this) the Behemoth pounds away at assault, crowd controlling him/her to prevent incoming damage while depleting the assault’s personal shield and the shield drone at the same rate (completely wasting Sunny’s shield capacity). Once the Behemoth has drained the shield drone it swaps targets, having prevented damage to itself by attacking the assault and draining the drone. Now the assault’s unfortunate team mates have an empty shield drone that actually shielded a grand total of 0 damage while still using its full capacity.

Anyway, this post isn’t me saying action has to be taken or anything like that. I just wanted to say that shields are weird and the shield drone is still stupid. I was curious if community members had anything to add my musings or if TRS thinks this is worth changing (maybe it isn’t).

The shield drone actually stops shielding you after…I think it was 6 seconds.

It’s 8, but it doesn’t stop shielding you if you keep getting hit, even if the assault shield is up.

I think the shield drone overlapping the personal shield is a bug. I’m double checking right now. Ok so it does still project onto you despite having the PS already on. Hmmmmmmmm

That would explain a few things.

I’m actually glad I read this. I hadn’t actually noticed this in game yet.

Good read. Nice explanations

Thanks. I feel that shield mechanics in Evolve could use some tweaking, but because of how shield data is presented to us as hunters (assaults not being able to see their own percentage of shield, the drone’s capacity being represented as an icon in the world, Hank’s shield capacity only being visible in his UI) it’s hard to get a good picture how shields interact as a lone player in combat situations. You have to compare multiple perspectives to really understand them. I think that’s a bit of a problem on its own, given that the mechanics are somewhat unintuitive anyway.

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Well another thing is that they don’t track shield data and such in the first place.

In the telemetry thread, I suggested a way for them to basically see it so soon we should be able to see how much the shield is used, how much the jetpack booster is used and the damage amp (which will give us Cabot’s true damage). This will also help them think of new balance changes to them also.

I had no idea shields acted this way. It seems very unintuitive. As a support player, I always thought I was helping the assaults shields staying power by shielding a rock because I was absorbing ALL the damage.
This is good info to have. I hope that TRS changes it to both shield take half because it is so unintuitive. Although I wouldn’t make it a top priority as it didn’t effect the game that much and it would probably cause more bugs.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this. I think if we had been told anywhere in the game that this is how shields interact it would probably be OK.

Yeah. They really need to put that in the tips somewhere. It would make sense then and feel purposeful and also would be good to know like I said before.

It’s possible it wasn’t entirely intended but was left alone or wasnt noticed before.

Assaults can see their shield on the shield’s cooldown icon.

Assaults can see the duration of their shield, they cannot see its hit points.