Shield glitch


Wraith attacked us and we took out his shield and somehow his shield goes to full again multiple times in same combat. Example: he’s fighting us we take out shield and not even 30 seconds later his shield is full again. Then we repeat it again taking out his shield and somehow he has full shield. This happened probably 6 times within 10 minutes. The wraith is already overpowered but after seeing this where its shield just auto pops full multiple times in a matter of 30 seconds after taking it down is just downright crazy. Either this is a serious glitch or a severe unbalance. Thoughts?


I mean it sounds like a glitch. Like you where fighting him and just bam out of no where is armor was back? I mean if he ran in a dome he could get some back if there was food but not all of it, because there would need to be a lot of food.


There was one point in the combat where his shield was gone and somehow just went to max again. He was in same spot fighting someone too.Maybe it was severe connection problem but it didn’t seem like it nothing popped up saying it was and I’ve played enough multiplayer to notice lag.


yeah I would say it was just a glitch or lag hopefully.


That is most definitely a glitch lol


You might have been experiencing the wraith tactic of invisible feeding while the decoy fights. Once you realize that the decoy is out, try and open fire on nearby corpses, 'cause that’s often where it’ll try and go to get armor back.


It wasn’t a decoy I know that for 100% fact. Decoy are holographic looking when shot and disappear this was the wraith for sure.


Then that is a definite bug. Thanks for reporting it.


can confirm this it happened to me also I assumed it was something connected to lag ! It was also wraith.


Experienced the same while fighting as the wraith. I immediately received a potion of health after killing a hunter! Happend multiple times.