Shield Drone and Sunny

I think it’s fine the way it is, EXCEPT for the range it has, and the fact that I’ve seen it many times shield through walls. Perhaps consider nerfing it from the entire range of a dome to about 1/2 or 1/4 the range it has, or give it a much larger cooldown?

Oh, and perhaps give a tracer effect to Sunny’s grenades? I know a lot of the other weapons have some way to determine which way the weapon fire is coming from, but never see any from her grenades.

Pretty sure I saw faint tracers last time I fought her as she was lobbing them over the power relay trying to stop me. Never see em in a fight though.

same range as hanks shield

nothing to see here


And worse ai than hank Sheild


Even though TR doesn’t have the time or manpower to do this, I think that it would be great if the diamond icon for the shield drone changed colors in certain situations. The colors would change for each hunter individually instead of being global and static.

  • Red if there’s no line of sight between you and the shield drone.
  • Yellow if the drone has line of sight to you, but is not shielding you.
  • Green if the drone is shielding you.



Same range? wow that does need tweaking. Imagine if Maggie’s harpoons had the same range as Griffin’s.

A tracer would be really welcome. @MacMan think the team could do something like this?

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The reason it has the same range is because it’ll only block damage on who was hit last. It will not block damage on a target about to be heavy bursted.

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Range is needed to make up for the first attack hit

or gimme 6 drones like maggie


Shield drone is good for persistent targeting. Say the monster is going for the trapper 24/7. After the trapper is hit, the shield drone will try to shield the trapper from now on. Say a Rock Throw is on its way to the Trapper. The shield drone will not attempt to shield this, while Hank would.

Hanks shields are technically better, because you can anticipate. This just causes a small change in tactics for the monster, than if they were facing a Hank. You either go for the drone, or keep doing AoE damage, to make the drone not work efficiently. But you can also use heavy abilities, such as Rock Throw, and try to remove it from the equation. If you can take it, you can also break through the shield completely, and keep fighting.


This is not correct actually it happend to me that i attacked the trapper he was shielded then pulled out a rock and throw it at sunny i hit her she was shielded exactly as the knockback kicked in but the dmg was done to the shield not to her life. And i did nothing in between the attack on the trapper and pulling out the rock throwing and hitting sunny


As a support main I feel the Shield Drone dose needs tweaking, I feel like I’m sometimes cheating the monster out of a deserved win were I shouldn’t be able to or giving my team a second chance we probably shouldn’t have had.

Example one: playing a game against a good Kraken, Medic and Assault dead, tell Trapper to run and bait the Kraken to pounce me in range of the shield drone. It worked better then I expected… the pounce lasted way too long because of the shielding, I expected to hold out about twice as long as usual from three quarters health but in the end it lasted more like three to four times that and the Trapper got insane distance allowing us to drop again. End loss.

Example Two: When playing a game against a decent Behemoth in Aviary we were three Hunters down on from losing fight, I was the only one left and needed to hold out for my teammates and protect the relay for about one minute thirty seconds. I set up a Shield Drone on one of the high grounds and prepared for a tough struggle; by good use of Cloak to get away, high ground to avoid pounce and Shield Drone to negate damage while my Cloak was refilling I managed to hold out. The Shield Drone saved my ass two times from across the central pit while my Cloak was refilling and the Shield Drone ended up absorbing over 2.5K of damage (most of it from this hold out). End loss.

Example three: When playing against and exceptional Goliath we had reached a stage three full health fight in Fusion Plant (one level one dome in which he avoided damage really well), we at first set up inside the relay room were we had a standard skirmish in which I gained a strike and the Goliath lost about one and a half bars of health; the Shield Drone I placed here (v) played a huge part in this minimal loss for us by keeping me up while he focused me and pushed me down to ground level.

Then the Goliath retreated to gain some armour and the health regen buff and we set up here (v), as you can see the Shield Drone has a three hundred and sixty degree, high-ground, line of sight to nearly the entire platform.

In the next fight we annihilated him (full health and armour) getting only about three to four strikes (two of which were when he forced a hunter off the platform) and a dead Daisy. I feel that this was partly due to the Shield Drone’s 4.75k of protection (at least ninety percent or more of my total for this was in these two short fights as we only had one dome before in which he didn’t attack much). End Win. Heres an end game Performance screenshot:

In conclusion I feel that the Shield Drone is a very powerful tool when used right and at times I feel it is too powerful. I want to win of course and I love how Sunny plays but when things like the aforementioned examples happen I feel conflicted: how much of the play was due to my and my team’s skill in using our gear well and how much was it due to the Shield Drone carrying us? As someone who wants to win with skill or not at all this is something that concerns me…


Something must have hit her, the shield should not kick in, until damage is dealt. Wildlife will trigger it, was it there?

I dont think so and it wasnt that it just happened once it happen EVERY singel time i used rock throw. Might be that rock throw is buggy with the drone

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Not sure, every time a rock is thrown at one of my team members, they take full damage, and then get shielded.

Like she’s clearly got a bunch of them… Why you holding out Sunny??


I really like the shield drone, and think it’s done well. But few people know how to use it well (And I don’t mean the Sunny players).

  1. I’m constantly having parties who are fleeing from the monster and running away from the shield drone… Why? I turned you into a tank… just stand there a bit and stop freaking out.
  2. I’ve seen my shield drone save medics from being KILLED. It does the AI Hank thing and shields them while they’re KD, so that the monster couldn’t kill it. It had to come WAY over to me to break it, and while that happenned, we rezzed the medic. It was great! And oh the punishment we gave it for camping our medic! It was glorious!

I’ve seen some poor clipping, but the majority of the time the shield stops once the LOS is sufficiently broken.
If you reduce the range on it, it’ll be near useless. It cant survive in close combat, and fights cover such a large area that it would be less effective than Bucket’s turrets (I love his turrets by the way, but that’s another topic).

Sheild drone never blocks the first attack no matter what unless you take damage. A rock throw is capable of taking over 3/4 of your health, shield drone cant stop that. That’s just an example, so then you would attack somebody else to trick the drone and return.

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THIS!! I like this.

lets be real.

the numbers everyones getting is the same as every good hank gets

a good hank has always like 8k+ dmg and 3-4k absorb.

while he can actual shield real attacks

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