Shell Gets Final Permit To Allow It To Begin Drilling In The Arctic

I just can’t see in any way for this to go wrong, can you?

The federal government has given Shell the final permit it needs to drill for oil in the Arctic. While the oil and gas giant technically broke ground on two exploratory wells last month, they were limited to drilling only the top sections of the seabed. Now, however, with the arrival of a key piece of equipment, the company can proceed with drilling into oil-bearing rock 2,400 meters (8,000 feet) below the ocean floor.

This is the first time in more than two decades that Shell has been allowed to drill wells under the Chukchi Sea since their first exploratory well in 1991. Despite the U.S. government reassuring people that they will be monitoring Shell’s work “around the clock” to make sure that the “utmost” safety is observed, criticism has been laid on thick for the Obama administration. This is especially since the news quickly follows the announcement to cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030.

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So long as they don’t mess up as bad as BP did…
Wait I don’t remember… Did a rig at BP blow up or something? They did a massive mess up for sure

Their rig blew up.

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Everything will be okay. Superman will make sure of it:

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Thought so.

Unless you live in a major metropolitan city. (Or IHOP)

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Or Alaska, (I think that’s where this scene was located on)

@meridian what if I want Supergirl or Batman to rescue me instead?

the incident is bound to repeat itself. I wish nuclear energy would’ve been a bigger thing.

There is always someone who will try to step in if superman can’t make it:

Not sure how well of a substitute they’ll be though o.0

Do you really want batman?

Hard to trust supergirl when I know her identity though :frowning:


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Oh im sure it will be alright…

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This supergirl.

and this version of batman.

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did no one see this as bait? I totally fooled all of you!

This’ll work out just fine. And if it doesn’t…


Now I want to watch supergirl, thanks for ruining my productivity!

You’re welcome, I was surprised how good the pilot ended up being. CGI is also good for a tv production.

I believe you can watch it free on CBS’ s website or YouTube channel.

Power girl is what it’s all about man

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