Shears the most dangerous planet

So your just walking and fall through the floor and die=dangerous

Of course, has that never happened to you in real life yet?

Of course not.

But has it happened to other people?

How would we know? They fell through the Earth.

Watch your feet children.

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Shears environment is full of dangerous wildlife…oh and don’t forget how you randomly fall through the planet.

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Shear = Australia

We call them uncovered manholes. (You don’t know how afraid I was when I searched “manhole” on google images just to be sure I was talking about the right thing.

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I actually fell through the floor of a building into a cellar once. Broke my leg. Down there in the dark screaming for help for like seven hours.

Eventually I just got fed up and dragged myself out of there. Fun times. :stuck_out_tongue:

well that escalated quickly.

As for the topic at hand, nah. Shear is nothing compared to Australia. :wink:

Arachnophobes are going to have a hard time with that.


Yeah… No. Fuck Australia if that’s what happens.

I would have helped. :stuck_out_tongue:

Vampire koala’s now? ^.-

Drop bears bro. F’n drop bears.