Shear Wildlife Threat Guide. #StopWildlifeDeaths


So. After a plethora of run-ins with the wildlife just screwing over my team I coached my guys on what will prefer to kill you as a Hunter. As a Monster, I also taught them which wildlife you can use to your advantage.

The goal of this guide is to educate the reader on explaining how threatening each animal can be to both monster and hunter; also teaching which wildlife is most advantageous to the hunter or monster and what each wildlife type prefer to engage on.

Note! This guide goes based off the damage, health, and aggro type of each creature with the exclusion of detrimental wildlife such as Steamadons and Spotters that can provide indirect damage by their behavior. Pure friendly wildlife are purposely left out as they only serve as monster chow.

Threat Level Key:
0: Friendly
1: Poses little threat/annoyance. Unlikely to be detrimental.
2: Poses notable threat. Can be detrimental if let alive. Can kill players if ignored.
3: Poses high threat. Highly detrimental, advised you take these out when encountered or run. Capable of killing players.
4: Extremely Hazardous. Avoid contact if possible, kill immediately if not. Capable of killing players with ease.

Hunter Threat: 0
Monster Threat: 2
Advantageous to the Hunters. They will reveal the location of the monster! Keep the comms quiet and your ears open. Especially if you have Abe or Griffin! Protect this guys from harm as well.
Monster players, I advise you avoid triggering their alarm; think of them as birds but the hunters need to pay attention. So assume they paid attention when you trigger them! Kill them if possible, but not advised as they will still sound their cry.

Hunter Threat: 2
Monster Threat: 1
Advantageous to the Monster. They will sheath his location; this may also be detrimental as competent hunters will see you just set off a pack of steamadons!
Hunter players will have trouble as they don’t have a smell ability to highlight everything for them. Oh is that a rock coming towards you? Sucks you didn’t see it!

Venom Hound
Hunter Threat: 3
Monster Threat: 0
Advantageous to the Monster. These guys will gladly pounce those hunters during combat, granting you some extra DoT on-top of your flame breath!
Hunter players, take these guys out!

Hunter Threat: 2
Monster Threat: 1 - 0 (Above stage 1 these guys fear you)
Annoying in any occasion for both teams. Advised killing them as they prove only to hinder.

Hunter Threat: 2
Monster Threat: 2
Defensive creatures, however do indeed hurt if you trigger aggro on them! Not very useful as they engage on whatever attacks first.

  • Will engage on anything.

Hunter threat: 2
Monster Threat: 3
Indirectly advantageous to the Hunters. They let you know the Monster was just in the area and was denied some food!
Monster players, if you see these guys, run. They are literally annoying and only wish to steal your hard-earned food.

Blitz Leopard
Hunter Threat: 3
Monster Threat: 0
Advantageous to the Monster. Start the fight with a group of these guys and you can effectively get some hunters pounced!
Hunter players, kill them when you see them. They are not fun if you let them live; and you think the Monster pounce is OP and too easily repeated!

Canyon Eel requested by @Jeff_Delman
Hunter Threat: 2
Monster Threat: 0
Advantageous to the Monster. They trigger when the hunters are in the water for long periods of time; ergo you should consider fighting the hunters in areas with lots of water! Now not only are you slowing them down, you’re doing extra damage!
Hunter players, it’s obvious water is dangerous enough alone. Just keep out of the rivers and you will do fine!

Note, in the flooding map effect when winning as monster on The Dam, there are more watered areas where the Canyon Eels are much more aggressive; attacking hunters quicker when they enter water!

  • Triggers if Hunters are in water for a certain period of time

Dune Beetle
Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 3
Not really useful to anyone as these guys are general asshats. They will attack and continue attacking whatever draws aggro first. Advised killing them whenever possible.
Monster players, I guess you can use these guys to help during a fight; but don’t be surprised if they start hitting you!

Desert Nomad
Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 2
Advantageous to Monster. These guys HATE hunters! If you fight near one of these expect them to put down penalties into them! (Or single handedly kill them)
Hunter teams, TAKE. THESE. GUYS. OUT. They can effectively ruin a game for you if you let them live!

Chomp Plant
Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 0
Advantageous to Monster. Knock a hunter into one of these and you put him out of commission for awhile!
Hunter players, there is literally no reason to keep these things alive. Kill them on sight.

  • Engages on Hunters only.

Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 1
Advantageous to Monster. They only eat small prey (Hunters) so if you can fight near them, you can effectively kill a hunter right off the bat! Advised you fight near one if you wish to have the upper hand.
Hunter players, its obvious on this one. They aren’t rocks! Kill them if you see them. Had a team get attacked by the same goddamned megamouth about 3 times in a span of 15 seconds! Letting them live is like asking to screw up!

Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 2
Advantageous to Monster. What’s worse than knocking a Hunter into water? Knocking them into waters with these guys! I personally always fight near a Tyrant. Advised you always fight near one if you wish for an easy win. They are kind but will still shove you off if you get too close.
Hunter players, I advise staying away from them and water in general. Even when attacked these guys have a lot of health and can still wreck enough havoc alone! If it comes to it, kill them. You will be doing your team favor.

Crowbill Sloth
Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 4
Really goes both ways for either teams. I mean they can easily kill Hunters if you let them during a fight but they will also put Monster players a few armor bars short! As a Monster, keep your distance if you get domed with one of them, as they aren’t as kind as the lovely Tyrant whom will allow you to get a little close. Hunters, I advise killing them or keeping your distance; either works fine.

Hunter Threat: 3
Monster Threat: 3
Really depends, like the Crowbill sloth, they engage on whatever comes near them first. Unlike the Sloth, they are slower so it makes their moves more predictable and avoidable. Nothings stopping you from tricking someone into getting headbutted by one though.

Phantom Requested by @MultiDavid
Hunter Threat: 4
Monster Threat: 2
Advantageous to the Monster. These guys are pretty squishy but do a crap ton of damage and will not leave those Hunters alone! Fight near some of them or make Hunters pass by them for some guaranteed down penalties! Be wary though, they will attack you if you hurt them, but you really shouldn’t eat them (They give two meats) as in the long run they kill Hunters no charge!
Hunter players, advised you avoid or kill them on sight. They will get a down penalty on one of your guys if you let me live. One time I saw a Phantom kill the enemies Assault; he tried to run but damn are they fast!

  • Favors engaging on Hunters

Mammoth Bird
Hunter Threat: 5
Monster Threat: 5
Literal spawns of Satan that will slaughter Hunter teams by the dozens and bring Monster players to their knees. Do not mess with these things unless you’re absolutely sure you know what you’re doing. If you want to easily lose three bars of health as a Monster, jump into a group of them. If you want an easy group suicide as a Hunter, dome a pack of these guys.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and will use this to the best of benefit during your skirmishes. I also hope you don’t let the goddamned wildlife cost you any more games!

If you feel I left something out, feel free to tell me. Feed back is always appreciated!

EDIT: Got pictures in! You guys asked so I went on and got em. Surprised my school internet doesn’t block the Evolve wiki. :smile:

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Good guide, but you forget, level 5: Satan


Excellent guide although you forgot one thing.
The mischievous strider…
One moment they’re almost cute, running around looking silly.
The next.
The little bastards bump into you, pushing you into a tyrant pit and laughing as you are devoured


Also, be it a map effect or not, add phantoms.


First game as monster jumped into a group of 4 mammoth birds with no armor.


Aww, mammoth birds are my favorite food! I literally eat them for lunch, they ain’t that bad! They are annoying as the hunters though.


I actually got wrecked by mammoth birds once. Just got done with a fight against the hunters, no clear winner yet, and when i leap away a flock of like 5 of them comes out of nowhere and zaps away all but a bar of my health ;-;


Is there a list of the wildlife including names and screenshots anywhere?

I am new to this community so please forgive my newbish question.


Loved it, would read again.


Awesome stuff sir… as an add on, here’s a thread with the associated buffs for each of the wildlife (it has pics, which can help folks with visual identification for the names) - in fact, we should edit that graphic with your notes here… :wink:

Also, I added this great thread to the Strategy Thread post… (stickied in the gameplay section);

As for the striders… uhm… yea, I was VERY low on health last night and bumped into one… YOINK… buh-bye


Nomads + 2 strikes = sad times.


You know what would make this perfect for noobs? Pictures of each creature to go along with the description and threat assessment. I find that I’m still not sure what a spotter, mammoth bird, tyrant, or blitz leopard is. Feel free to bash me for this but also please include some information on how to associate the creature with the name.

EDIT: I found the Evolve wiki which has pictures of each species of wildlife. Awesome thread OP.

EDIT #2: Now I am confused and am not sure who is right. Is this a Mammoth Bird? Because if so, then I’m confused about the threat assessment the OP offers. The creatures shown on the wiki are super easy to kill and tend to run away from me more often than not. Occasionally, one of them will shock me but I have started killing them if I am certain to cross paths with them. I have never felt threatened by these things though.


I think the threat assessment of the mammoth bird comes down a little to how much they actually impact as a threat. You often find yourself running in to them as monster or hunter, and unless you’re lucky you wll get hit by them, and they pack quite a punch solo, let alone in a group.

In theory they’re not really that much of a threat, but it feels like they’re much more of a danger than they should be on paper when you’re in game, no? :wink:



This just makes them sound like unstoppable nightmares the likes of which you will never forget once you encounter them. I’m still pretty new to this game. I think I’m only around level 15ish or something like that so I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes or be an insufferable jerk. I realize there are plenty of people who know way more than I do about this game. I was just looking for some clarification. I though that perhaps the picture for Mammoth Birds on the wiki was wrong or something because my interactions with them has not made me feel that they are all that big of an issue. Maybe I just haven’t got unlucky enough to run into them at the right time or in the right numbers.

I have had a lot more trouble out of megamouths, the carnivorous flora, and those annoying little Down Syndrome monkeys. Those don’t do a ton of damage but they seem to chase me for days and when I’m focused on the monster and they catch up it’s annoying as all hell.


Sorry, I wasn’t clear, I think the OP’s threat rating is tongue in cheek for mammoth bird :smile:

Megamouths can ruin your game, as can tyrants, but you generally are able to avoid them as you get used to the game (unless you’re spending too much time watching a monster in an arena maybe). Lightning birds, by contrast, you can end up jumping in to the middle of without realising and then Zap! lots of damage. I’ve had two seperate games so far won as hunters because a monster got killed by a mammoth bird, I don’t think I’ve seen a monster be defeated by any other wildlife.


Tis true. Been killed by one at stage 3 when I decided to go armor up before tracking down the last hunter. Granted, I was down to my last bar of health.


Will find pictures of wildlife to go with each thing when I get home. In class right now with free time c:

Thanks for your feedback!


Their threat level is exaggerated, I will admit, but as @niaccurshi said: These guys are ALWAYS at the wrong place at the wrong time. They are extremely detrimental and can cost you a game for no reason! Killing em’ is easy but they can just as easily do that too!

Buddy of mine got attacked by a Crowbill, as he was running a Mammoth bird came out of nowhere and killed him. It was horrible.

Plus, I measure their threat level based on the damage, if they pounce, type of aggro, and health.
Mammoth Birds do a crap ton of damage, and for a defensive aggro they sure as hell make the best offense!


Do they really knock hunters around? I have no problem with those guys.

I kill them anyway though, they’re hilarious.


Its the same as if one if your teammates were to walk into you, they sorta just nudge you a bit. I dont kill them cuz theyre so adorable, they just run around squeaking every now and then and their little waddle is just so funny to me