Shear Violence 2 | PS4 Tourney | APR 9th --- [postponed to future date]


SHEAR VIOLENCE 2 { Postponed }

Evolve. An honest post

Get ready @Torvald_Stavig. I loaded your Mortars with EXTRA CAPACITY!!!

Dooooom!! :torvald:



It’s going to be a blast.



I love the “sponsor’s” logos at the bottom :smile:


I’m not home right now so I can’t go on my ps4 and don’t have enough data to be using twitch, so quick question. Does this require a team of 4 or 5?


It requires four players, It’s ok if one of your hunters is the MONSTER. I do believe team Orb Mor did quite well with only the 4 of them in the first Shear Violence <3 Thanks @Pancake_Mix for the question, feel free to ask away :slight_smile:


Haha, Appreciate that @Mindoci, I thought it was a nice touch as well. Thank one of the forum mods for putting those up, i found them all HI DEF in a thread <3


See you there, Space <3


@Wednesday13 i wake up and lurk on your streams daily while i boot up my studio computer <3 <3 <3


if you can beat our monster :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder when an xbox tournament will be held? All well even if I used a PS4 I wouldn’t enter the tournament, all because I don’t like traveling to the tournament place.


You dont go anywhere in these Tournaments… They are held online.


Hmmm well I’m a terrible hunter but a great monster.


[quote=“Marinebro, post:11, topic:85170, full:true”]
if you can beat our monster



Then you may want to stop avoiding num :wink:


So 1 Team is 4 Hunster & 1 Monster right ?


Avoiding him? Almost every time he goes behemoth we beat him. #SlimCabotMLG

I dont think my team has ever dodged Num before…


That is correct. It can be a four person team because one of the hunters have the ability to play monster.