Shear Surveillance Drone Mode or Ssd Mode


As seeing that magical uplift the maps of Shear will have with the next TU1, it would be great to be able to explore all the maps with a Drone with unlimited power. Also a photo mode as in titles like Driveclub, could be a dream come true.
I’m always looking for Evolve landscapes to use as wallpapers for my computer. This way I’ll never run out of them.
Please devs, I’m sure you can do it!
What do you think about this, people?


How about…

######Dear God yes.


I’m not a fan of the name since SSD already has an abbreviation. It should just be called Cinimatic Mode.

But I love the idea of being able to take a fight, remove all HUDs and take a beautiful screenshot. Within reasons for a legit button so it doesn’t accidentally get triggered in battle.




Don’t correct people’s grammar because it doesn’t add to the conversation or progress the flow of the OP.

Secondly, I have dyslexia even without autocorrect, so I am well aware my spelling and how I make mistakes, thus you do not need to point out people’s grammar especially since no human is perfect, not even you. If it bothers you to the point to where you feel the need correct people’s grammar, simply switch to another thread.


You’re a beautiful person with beautiful ideas :smiley:

@LilTrashPanda @LadieAuPair I like this idea!


Oh, thanks!
Also, this mode could help in studying the maps before fights.
The guys at TRS are doing a lot for this brilliant piece of software and with this mode I’m suggesting we could all enjoy even more these gorgeous maps and share Shear!
This could attract more players to our beloved game.




Sorry if I offended you in anyway I’m just a Grammar Nazi and I hate seeing incorrect grammar.


Dude, for a Grammar Nazi you just made a mistake.



In all seriousness though, we should get back on topic.


Yes to the idea, it’s great. I am always open to letting me check out how much care was put into a game’s assets, especially when during standard gameplay I can’t do so (like seeing monsters from Monster Hunter up close).

And guys, that wasn’t even a grammar mistake, it was spelling, what are you going on about? :smiley: