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The touching and tragic story of a little Meaty cub and his new family… :cry:

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Today, Shinkachu and I adopted a wonderful little baby Meteor Goliath. We took him in and affectionately called him Meaty…Sadly, he passed soon after, but fortunately, we made this album of all our memories together, that he may be remembered always. RIP Meaty. I’ll always love you. Even though you roasted me alive and slammed me into the ground like a porcelain doll.


Here’s Meaty, stepping into his new life for the first time:

Meaty, exploring his new home.

Meaty, showing me his teeth to prove that he’d flossed and brushed before I gave him breakfast. He always loved eggs and mammoth bird. ;-;

<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/d/5/d519f675dfa96e190206464fe3fdcf659ae10cb2.png" width="690"height=“388”>

Meaty takes up basketball with the help of his father.

Meaty and I sharing a tender family moment as I sing him a lullaby before bed.

Aaaaaaaaaand Meaty going into a killing frenzy and brutally assaulting me, then his father, after we tell him he’s adopted…But hey. Water under the bridge.

We love you Meaty. Rest well. <3


The first one makes him look like the Balrog. I can just picture Hank screaming “Y’ALL! CAN! NOT! PASS!”


That brought a tear to my eye…

I cri evyr, tiem


That’s… sad ;-;


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I’m bringing this thread back…hopefully have some new fun photory to post soon. Feel free to add your own!


I have some more photos I need to upload here, so stay tuned, and as always feel free to add your own!


I don’t know how to caption this.



“Uh, Slim?”
“You Gobi now?”
“Oh, no. Sorry.”




Find the story behind this photo here:

This concludes my photo-bombing for today, heh.


The elegance…the beauty…the Wraith:


If you can’t take the heat…get out of Goliath’s Breath!



Just thought I’d share this.



Just have to revivify this thread.

@The_Specialist :


That’s what you get for killing my Obsidian Beetles!

You just got Cake-rolled.