Shear Photo Fun


Mwah! :kissing_closed_eyes:




You are having wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much fun with these!


What’s the Goliath’s skin on the first picture?


The selfie one? Looks like the Savage skin.



NSFW made me snort, and that poor Mammoth Bird. :rip:


The Mammoth Bird one is so true. In the past 2/3 days I have been in about 5 games where the Monster was finished off by a Mammoth Bird. :smile:


As nature intended.

Shear defends itself.


What if the Mammoth Birds are the real ‘Monsters’ and the Hunters are killing the wrong species? :open_mouth:


I think the hunters are wasting their time. The Mammoth Birds would have sorted everything out on Shear but the hunters keep interfering.


Keep being awesome @SledgePainter


Me or the Mammoth Birds?


It was directed at the first post but my phone is weird. Your awesome too and Mammoth birds will conquer the galaxy unless we keep killing them.


Lol I was really confused and just assumed that you shared my love of Mammoth Birds.


You may recognize many familiar faces in these… @SlabOMeat, @MajorLeeHyper, @MrStrategio, @CloudSyndicate, @PeirsPryce, @MidnightRoses, @Shin


Holy Lazarus.


Oh sweet baby Jesus these are HILARIOUS. :joy:


I like them. ^.^