Shear Photo Fun


Feel free to make your own commentary-laced photos from Shear with love!

This is what happens when you teach Sledge how to take in-game screenshots…

I'm not following any category, but
Monster photographs

Welp, time to find some good screen shots!


I have seen things…

Things that cannot be unseen…



Looks like multidavid has his eyes on you


My eyes are up here, David.


This traffic is craaaaazy


It’s okay
He brought protection


Dammit @SledgePainter why u no post topics when I’m at my computer :joy: I can’t edit pics till I get home at midnight! :frowning:



Can you shop a picture of Gobi pooping on the monster for me with a title saying, “Gobi sees all Gobi trolls all” pweeeaaase O-O @SledgePainter or @Fluffington


I’m at school now so my hands are tied :cry:


Ughhhh I need a mobile Photoshop app :’(



My paint skills are MLG


Gobi Trolls all


That is awesome!


I see you’ve met my friend Goliath.
I can also see that the meeting went poorly.
Was to to be expected really.


i hope you like parnel upside down S: (never spam rockets on your own feed )

farm vill XP ps: just noticed what hank said if your german you will understand it


It’s a glorious all you can eat buffet!!!


Oh, that! :earth_asia: Shear photos… not :bikini: sheer photos.