Shear needs to bring out the ACs to get rid of these monsters

This will completely solve the monster problem. Now if only this Armored Core Five looked as good as its trailer. It was a blast to play though.

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Scariest robots ever!


O rly nao?



How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?


I think these lads could be quite effective as well, no?

Edit Boo! Not loading the pic :<

Ah well. Clicking is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

The monsters are too smart and powerful to fall to these weak machines…

The armored cores using the jackammers would wreck a monster. Its a pneumatic explosive spear head on your fist. Punch into them and BOOM!

Wraith has a warp field generator INSIDE OF HER, Kraken can fly without wings using dark energy, Behemoth can turn into a seamless ball at will, Goliath can breath fire and can pull rocks from the ground when standing on metal. Your puny ACs would crumble against their might and intellect.

Oh, you forget the best part, a Goliath pulling up a rock while standing on a catwalk lmao

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The armored cores of 5 and VD are garbage, need ones from 4 and FA.

Just imagining Killdozer and Goliath going at it makes me chuckle a little.

I liked the more realism of AC5 over four. It was too bursty in 4

Well 5 takes place after the events of FA. I can’t see any 5 build making it very far in a fight against the monsters , the monsters adapt both mentally and physically while on the field. An armored core cannot change their specs while out on the field, only adapt with what they have.

On that note the hunters shouldn’t have a chance either.

Don’t they die in the ending?

It’s ambiguous. People theorize that Tier 4 swoop in and save them.

Besides. Did you see Lazarus in that cinematic? No? Thought not. :wink:

I am blueboyx on Xbox live. My plasma wielding heavy biped from ACV would melt these monsters easily. I have a YouTube video of myself taking out two battleship bosses with another build, getting me an s rank.

That game was so awesome! I used to get hate mail from players I one shotted because they thought I was using cannons! Always accusing me of cheating lol