Shear Bull


It is beginning to bother me how some of the maps have things that don’t make sense. An example is the tyrant pit in Armory, how the hell is there a water puddle at the high end of a canyon with a Tyrant in it? Or swarms of Phantoms in Aviary that don’t pose any threat to the hunters.

I think the worse of all is the garbage laying around, the year is 3000+ and people still litter? The Devs clearly know what the future is going to be like.


Is this sarcasm?


Good question.


You can clearly see the large amounts of birds in the above cage in Aviary. That’s probably where the phantoms are kept.


Well, 100 years ago people littered, and a thousand years ago people littered, therefore we conclude humanity never changes. But yeah I have noticed the phantoms are kinda lazy.
hunter walks by
Phantom: sup guys
Hunters: go home phantom you’re drunk
Phantom: but not drunk enough- remains perched on his rock


Honestly, I’ve been running around Shear for how long now and there is not one hover board. Kraken + Griffin + hover board = win.


New game mode confirmed.


Kraken races?


Isn’t the year 23something


Bucket says it in a drop ship dialog. I forgot what it was though.


I think the year is 2349